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Tarot Card Meaning – Wheel of Fortune

Today we’ll take a closer look at the tarot card wheel of fortune.

We will try to understand its upright and reversed meanings and how a reader might perceive them differently in contexts to do with love and wealth (two general questions that concern seekers at tarot card readings).

Tarot Card Wheel of Fortune: Upright Meaning

wheel of fortune tarot card upright

When the tarot card wheel of fortune appears upright in a tarot reading, it signifies that change is coming.

This change is almost certainly going to be positive because it represents the power of fate and a change in luck.

This position usually means that whatever the seeker is most concerned about will eventually turn out the way that is best for them.

Notice, it is to do with good fortune and good luck in terms of what is best for the seeker, not necessarily what the seeker wants. 

As people, we sometimes desire things that aren’t good for us in the long run, so the wheel of fortune in the upright position shows that what is best for us will soon arrive.

Any transition period (especially a transition towards something unexpected and potentially away from what you were hoping for) can be a tricky thing.

A Tarot Card of Change 

This period of change in your life might bring about specific anxieties or uncertainties.

Still, the wheel of fortune tarot card is a signal that you can overcome this because something good is about to happen.

The wheel of fortune also reminds us that just as the wheel turns, so too does good fortune.

It’s important to ride this wave of good luck while it is in your life, so you ought to reflect on what you want to take advantage of your current good luck and work towards achieving your dreams.

Remember, too, that as your luck changes, you may need to rely on people who were there to support you on your way to success and be mindful of arrogance and concentrate on being grateful for this positive change in fortune.

Tarot Card Wheel of Fortune: Reversed Meaning

Wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning card in reversed position

When the tarot card wheel of fortune is reversed, there is a slightly different meaning associated with it.

Typically, a reversed wheel of fortune signifies that your luck is about to turn in the opposite direction.

Things may have been going well for you lately, but cracks are showing, and you’re likely already aware of it before you sit down for your tarot card reading.

Many people at this stage would feel as though there is too much stacked against them and focus on their bad luck as a sign that whatever they try will not work out, but be careful of this.

Lousy fortune and rotten luck aren’t the be-all and end-all. No, you can make changes that will help you long term, without luck on your side.

Wheel of Fortune tarot card meanings

Feeling Lucky?

Good fortune is an excellent thing to have, but it is often during periods of bad luck that we learn the most about ourselves and our misdirections in life. 

Something has caused your recent bad luck, whether it’s decisions you’ve made or actions you’ve taken – so now is the time to sit back and consider what might have caused it and what might you learn from it!

The most important thing you can do during this time is to focus on yourself and learn from your current situation to make better decisions.

Just because luck isn’t on your side currently doesn’t mean that it won’t be in the future because it will spin back round in your favor.

In the meantime, focus on how you might make the right decisions when luck is on your side again to create more lasting success for yourself.

Tarot Card Wheel of Fortune: Different Contexts

wheel of fortune tarot different contexts

The seeker’s questions during a tarot card reading will directly affect how a reader interprets the cards and their meaning. The two most common areas of concern for individuals are love and wealth, so we’ll look below what this might mean depending on whether the card is upright or reversed.


(Upright) When the tarot card wheel of fortune is upright, and the seeker is concerned about their love life, how the reader interprets the cards relies heaving on the reader’s current relationship status.

If they are single but desire a relationship, then an upright wheel of fortune is a sign that love is on its way, and if they have been seeking it for a long time without success, then their luck has finally changed.

Suppose you are in a relationship and are happy already. In that case, the wheel of fortune can be a sign that your relationship is about to progress to a new phase with even deeper connections and more favorable opportunities.

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, then a breakup might come to free you up for more positive romantic relationships.

Remember, there can be difficulties with any change, but know that an upright wheel of fortune is good for you, even if you can’t see it at the moment.(Reversed) When reversed, it can show that you have a rough patch in your relationship, or you’ve been unlucky in love.

Now is the time to sit and consider what you want.

Remember that no relationship is perfect, so if you have a rough patch right now, you won’t always be in a rough patch, so don’t just abandon the relationship if you think there is something worth fighting for. 

Ultimately, a reversed wheel of fortune in love is a sign that you ought to reflect on your actions lately so that you can learn how to approach better new or current romantic relationships moving forwards. Hence, you’re more content in your life.


(Upright) This position can be a sign that luck is on your side for any financial or career-based moves you may have been thinking about, so jump now, and you’ll have a better chance of success. 

Think about what you want clearly, and then chase your dreams, and it’ll pay off in terms of your wealth in the long run, even if the transition period seems a little rocky at first.(Reversed) You might be going through a difficult period in terms of your wealth. 

Unfortunately, this is likely because of financial decisions you have made, so it’s important now to think about what mistakes you may have made to avoid this in the future.

Remember, the wheel of fortune will turn in your favor again soon enough, but the only way to be ready when it does is to learn from the mistakes you’ve made financially in the past.

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