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Affirmations for Health

affirmations for health

Affirmations for health are statements you say aloud to yourself to bring good things into your life. The mind is super powerful, and you are more in control of things than you realize purely by the thoughts you think and the words you say. When you say them, the point with affirmations is that you … Read more

Affirmations For Money

35 affirmations for money

It might be hard to believe, but thinking, writing, or saying something out loud can make it happen, and this is what affirmations for money are all about. There is a lot more to it than just that, but affirmations definitely have a part to play in the good things that can happen to you … Read more

Crown Chakra Affirmations

crown chakra affirmations - symbol

The crown chakra is our antenna to pure Divine Consciousness. It is usually not the first chakra a person starts working on intensively. When the seeker feels ready, they begin connecting with this seventh chakra. Using crown chakra affirmations is one of many methods and also very easy to get started with. The Buddha’s imagery … Read more

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

eyes of buddha third eye

The third eye is the energy center of intuition and divine wisdom. I will show you how can quickly start energizing this chakra using my favorite 35 third eye chakra affirmations. To skip directly to the affirmations, use the quick navigation below. How These Affirmations Will Help You Third eye chakra affirmations encourage you to … Read more

Throat Chakra Affirmations

throat chakra symbol

The throat chakra is a very important energy center for communication. By using the 35 affirmations presented below, you will be able to energize and heal the throat chakra. Chakra or positive affirmations can attract positivity into your life. These affirmations are powerful enough to bring changes in your body and thought process. These changes … Read more