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Numerology of 4

This article will teach you about the numerology of 4, a digit that most especially symbolizes hard work, practicality, responsibility, and discipline.

The science of numerology is rooted in the nine single-digit numbers, where each represents a respective meaning and energy that uniquely influences who we are as persons, as well as the circumstances surrounding our lives.

Number symbols are usually seen around us everywhere. Most times, seeing them at a specific point in time can convey a meaningful message that the universe might be trying to tell you. Moreover, a person’s numerology chart consists of numbers 1-9, making it essential to understand how each number’s traits and values can affect and guide us in a certain way.

The definition of the number 4 in numerology

If you’re seeking efficiency and strength in your life, the number 4 is needed. This no-nonsense number in numerology exudes a heads-down or a more grounded approach to work and life. Not only that, but it is also highly dependable, allowing persons and situations to be lent firm stability. This is also because 4 has an earthy, masculine, and profoundly rooted energy that can represent strength and conscientiousness at the same time.

Furthermore, it has the sacred geometry of a square – solid, balanced, and sturdy. This forwards the idea that one can best approach life with “feet planted squarely on the ground” that, in turn, echoes the importance of the value of reliability and stability that is the signature of the number 4. The value of strength is also reflected by how it takes an angular shape with no softening curves; instead, it has clean, straight, and strong edges.

You’ll know if you have a four energy in your chart if you get four from any of your calculations, or if you were either born on the 4th, the 13th, 22nd, or the 31st of any month.

Spiritual Numerology Meaning of 4

The number 4 is more dedicated to advancing than a progressive one, albeit conservatively. This is because it only sticks to tried-and-true methods instead of venturing into newer avenues.

In some cultures, you may be surprised to discover that the number 4 may be associated with many negative energies such as tetraphobia and is even considered an unlucky number in some Asian countries.

However, the truth is that the number 4 brings rational and wise energy that can offer a sense of consistency and security. More than that, it also embodies a solid definition of right and wrong and often sees situations as black and white without any grey in between. This is primarily because the number 4 leads more with its head than its heart and capitalizes on its mental strength to build a fulfilling life of contentment and service.

There’s also the even-handed symmetry of this number which represents nature’s four seasons and the four primary phases of the moon. This alludes to the Old Testament of the Bible, which depicted four rivers flowing into paradise coming from the four corners of the Earth; There were also four Evangelists who spread the message of Christianity long after Jesus was crucified in a 4-point cross.

The spiritual message that emanates from the number 4 is to always practice calmness, patience, and faith even in the most difficult circumstances. Even though the number 4 is not highly spiritual, it nevertheless finds its higher purpose in the “doing” way of things.

Strengths of Number 4


Since number 4 conveys a hardworking nature, it is a natural service lover. This is because number 4 is aware of how time and effort are necessary to achieve your most desired results and ensure that things are running smoothly. It’s also another means for the 4 to create stability and is more than delighted enough to invest in the work.


The number 4 has a typically realistic life outlook and isn’t often swayed by the newest idea, experience, or object. This is mainly because the number is grounded on rationality, allowing you to make sound decisions and concrete plans with tangible results. For this number, the value of productivity is often hinged on its practicality.


It also is known for being reliable, working hard day in and day out to prove how committed it can be. It requires a solid foundation to achieve comfort, which is why it puts extra effort into creating safe and secure environments, long-lasting relationships, agreements, and opportunities.

Weaknesses for Numerology of 4


4’s rationality can suck the fun out of them because it often chooses work over play. Moreover, it also usually sticks to what is traditional than the new, making it a bit boring than most. It can also be better described as a straight edge that’s not easily stimulated nor interested in venturing new things simply because it is already content with its current way of life.


It can be a real challenge for number 4 to be a team player because of how inflexible it gets. While confidence is a good thing, this one is confident to a fault, thinking that it’s always right and never giving much thought to what others can offer. Such assuredness and nonchalance can be helpful in specific situations, but not in give-and-take circumstances when a group effort needs to be involved.

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The number 4 tends to be very firm and very conservative in its beliefs. Once it has established its stances on a particular matter, it considers its own opinions as truths and facts and doesn’t care much about preaching them to others. However, this way of thinking does not leave enough room for new perspectives to consider, making its ideas and beliefs limited to only itself.

4 in Your Numerology Chart

The number 4 can pertain to a lot of things. It can say many things about your life path or even explain large parts of your personality. Having the number 4 in your chart means you might embody some of these traits mentioned above, exuding the essence of values such as wisdom, dependability, determination, and strength to a fault.

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Number 4 numerology infographic

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