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Tarot: Knight of Cups

knight of cups tarot

The knight of cups does not charge along with the coming horse. Because he moves slowly, this shows calmness as well as peace. The horse represents power, energy, enthusiasm, and drive. The horses’ color is white, a well-known color for peace, tranquility, and spirituality. The knight of cups is in touch with intuition and emotions. … Read more

The Magician – Tarot

magician tarot

The Magician is a person who can demonstrate magic (extra-ordinary activities). He can complete the circuit that is between heaven and earth. It shows a gifted person who brings divine gold to himself. The use of tarot cards is a vast area of investigation, and it cannot be exhaustive. There are various meanings of tarot … Read more

Tarot the Hanged Man

tarot the hanged man

The tarot the Hanged Man is the 12th Major Arcana card in traditional decks. The Hanged Man means waiting patiently, striving to gain a new perspective, and the ultimate sacrifice. Hanged Man Tarot Picture The picture of the Hanged Man is a figure that’s suspended or hanging from the world tree in an upside-down fashion. … Read more

Tarot Ace of Cups

tarot ace of cups

The Ace of Cups refers to one of the most spiritually significant cards in the tarot deck. The Many Meanings of Tarot Ace of Cups It speaks to people about love and how they can achieve and maintain connectedness with others beyond what they even imagine possible. The card represents the people’s deep desire for … Read more

Thoth Tarot The Sun

sun thoth tarot

The Thoth Tarot is a tarot deck created by the British occultist Aleister Crowley, based on astrological, numerological, and Kabbalah knowledge and scientific concepts and cultural elements of Ancient Egypt. The Thoth Tarot is also called the “Devil’s Bible” because of its dark content. This deck makes an initiatory description of the Devil, as this … Read more

Thoth Tarot Card – The Aeon

thoth tarot card the aeon analysis

The Thoth Tarot is a tarot deck created by the British occultist Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), which contains scientific concepts and astrological, numerological, Kabbalah, and Ancient Egyptian knowledge. This tarot deck is rich in symbolism and beautiful images. Despite being complex and mysterious, the Thoth Tarot is one of the most popular tarot decks in the … Read more

Tarot Card Meaning – Wheel of Fortune

tarot card meaning wheel of fortune

Today we’ll take a closer look at the tarot card wheel of fortune. We will try to understand its upright and reversed meanings and how a reader might perceive them differently in contexts to do with love and wealth (two general questions that concern seekers at tarot card readings). Tarot Card Wheel of Fortune: Upright Meaning When … Read more