Oranum Tarot And Psychics

oranum psychics

I discovered an entertaining new website this week. It’s a place where you can chat live with tarot readers, astrologers, and psychics. You can ask questions as a guest without any registration, but you get $9.99 worth of credits when you register for a free account. That’s enough to get a free 10 minute live reading. Check … Read more

Tarot Card The Star Meaning

tarot meaning the star

Tarot Cards are interesting because the card’s position can so often influence their meanings in the spread, the card’s interpretation in the context of the questions asked by the seeker, and the individual reader’s interpretation of the card itself. That being said, some aspects of a particular tarot card still ring true regardless of all … Read more

Tarot Reading For Beginners

tarot reading for beginners

Tarot reading can seem like something that has been shrouded in mystery, especially to all those who have yet to experience it. But really, tarot reading is a simple enough thing to understand if you can get to grips with its basics. In this introduction to tarot reading, you’ll learn about what exactly it is, … Read more

AstroTarot Reading

astrotarot reading

AstroTarot Reading That Blows Your Mind… I’ve studied astrology and the tarot since my early twenties. I believe both can reveal hidden energies that affect our lives. I urge you to try this free reading that combines tarot and astrology to be even more accurate. You will be surprised…