Tarot Card The Star Meaning

Tarot Cards are interesting because the card’s position can so often influence their meanings in the spread, the card’s interpretation in the context of the questions asked by the seeker, and the individual reader’s interpretation of the card itself.

That being said, some aspects of a particular tarot card still ring true regardless of all those other extra variables. To understand this, we need to look at the tarot card the Star as though it were picked out of a deck of tarot cards alone, without any other cards to influence its interpretation.

Only then can we understand the true meaning of the tarot card, the Star.

Reversed vs. Upright

First of all, it’s essential to know that how the card appears to you as the reader is important. If it is upside down (reversed) or the right way up (upright), it impacts the card’s meaning.

tarot card the star reading

In the case of the tarot card, the Star, this also rings true. We will need to look at both variations to understand their meaning because you could realistically come across both.

Tarot Card The Star – Upright Meaning

upright meaning of the star tarot

If the star card is presented to you in an upright manner, this is hugely positive.

You may have just been through a period of difficulty, or perhaps you are recovering from an illness of some kind.

When the tarot card the Star faces you upright, it means that a period of renewal is coming your way.

A positive change, either physically or spiritually, is on its way to you, and it will change your perspective and your good fortune moving forwards.

The Star is shining down on you, and it’s capable of highlighting the many ways that the universe has already filled your life with positivity, as well as shine a light for new rejuvenating experiences moving forward.

The Star Reveals Hope

The light from the star card represents hope for the future and encourages faith in the universe’s ability to bring to you exactly what you need.

Especially after following a period of turmoil in your life, the Star can be a beacon to highlight how you have developed from your negative experiences.

Even if you did not realize it at the time, the tarot card the Star may be signaling to you that it’s time to take stock of the turmoil you’ve been through and recognize your inner strength.In short, an upright star card is a sign of hope for the future and a signal to appreciate what you have in the present thanks to your past.

Tarot Card The Star: Reversed Meaning

reversed meaning the star tarot

A reversed star card may indicate that we have lost hope.

This card is not here to tell you that you will not regain hope again; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

When a reversed star card is presented to you, it asks for you to look inside yourself and identify where you might be being overly self-critical or fearful towards something you may have previously found joy in.

When we become afraid of something, it is easy for us to lose hope that we can overcome the challenges that naturally come our way.

The reversed star card is asking you to find a way to overcome that, to ask you to lean on the light of the Star as a way of guiding you forwards towards a positive and more hopeful future.Essentially the reversed star card is neither a sign of positive nor negative things to come; instead, it’s a challenge to you to change your perspective slightly.

Attitude Makes A Difference To Its Meaning

If you go forth with a negative attitude and a hopeless disposition, then you welcome negative energies and experiences into your life simply because of your way of thinking.

Suppose you go forth trying to nurture your hope again, welcome positive energies, and increase your ability to overcome obstacles also.

In that case, you will notice a remarkable change in the way you look at your life. Where once hope was gone, you’ll soon see it returning if you remember to fan the flames of hope to keep it burning.In short, a reversed star card is highlighting your ability to turn things around. You can replace doubt with self-trust. Hopelessness with hope.

Lack of motivation with a determination to get things done. But only if you work at it and actively try to change your perspective to get what you want from life.

The Star: Different Contexts of this Tarot Card

When you start to add different contexts into the mix, it can begin to become slightly confusing (especially since upright and reversed cards still impact here).

But, it’s always interesting to know what the star card could mean in different contexts, so we will briefly take a look:


(Upright): When thinking specifically about love, an upright star card could mean that your sense of hope for the future might attract a new partner or your current partner to you more because of your new lust for life.(Reversed): You may be feeling hopeless about ever finding love right now. By nurturing hope and allowing yourself to be more positive again, though, you’ll welcome the opportunities for love into your life.


(Upright): You may have just been through a period of financial loss and stress. The star sign here means that you are entering a period of new opportunities that give you a reason to hope for a positive future.(Reversed): Perhaps you are out of work or struggling to find a job that suits you. By changing your attitude to focus on what you have already, you’ll be better able to make the right financial decisions for you moving forwards.There are many other contexts that a seeker might ask a Reader about, but here are just two examples that hopefully highlight how the context and whether the card is upright or reversed can impact the reader’s interpretation of the card. 

And that’s before it’s even added into a spread with other cards to consider! We never said tarot card reading was easy!

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