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Numerology of 7

The numerology of 7 is fascinating, and we dive into what a person ruled by this number is like. If your life path number is seven, you’ll gain new insights today. Get a free numerology reading to start knowing your numbers.

Each of the nine Numerology numbers represents some unique set of traits and personalities that affect those vibrations around them. 

What is the history behind these numbers, and will these numbers bring you good luck or negative vibes? This article will give you information on the numerology of 7, like its definition, strengths, unique traits, and the negative side of this number.

Definition of 7 in Numerology?

The number seven means wise and profound. It is not satisfied with simple explanations and unverified levels of information without digging deeper into its source to find out the real meaning.

Researching, asking questions, sensing, and listening are some of the skills the number 7 uses to search and find its answers.

In a person with 7 as their life path, spirituality is essential, and it takes more on the intellectual aspect than relying on the emotional one.

It is an analytical number that depends more on gathering and enjoys filtering information to find the answer and know the truth.

Its lucky color is grey; the cat’s eye is the lucky stone; lucky days are Tuesday and Friday; friendly numbers are 6 & 9, and relationship compatibility numbers are 7 and 9.

The remedies for number 7 are a Ketu numerological yantra, a victory name correction, and a gemstone that repels Ketu’s influence.

Its Unique Traits

Pythagoras, the father of numerology and mathematics, considered the number 7 a highly spiritual number. If you interpret this number figure, the shape of 7 is like a crook on a shepherd.

People born on dates like 7, 16, or 25 of any month or if you are going to add all of the digits and the total is seven, are intuitive, introspective, deep, secretive, private, intuitive, reclusive, distant, indifferent, and separate to the outer world of phenomena but not into the inner world of intrigue, secrecy, and hidden mysteries. 

The number seven is usually curious, highly analytical, and perfectionist. They usually ask why to find the source and know the answer and travel within to find out why.

The vibrations of this number in spiritual frequency are refined, stately, sensitive, reserved, calm, humble, serene, tranquil, pure, serene, and chaste.

The right way to spiritual insight is through the number seven: mystical, patient, wise, mystical, and self-realized. Seven usually turns away from the outer world of phenomena and pure commercialism, and by prayer and meditation, it directs itself to inner regions of mystical light to find Him.

The Essence of The Number 7

The essence of this number symbolizes their struggles to know and understand the truth wherein they use their mind as their greatest tool and their most important limitation; they are flexible, logical, more hungry for knowledge, and have vast and powerful images that will guide them in the spiritual stratospheres that other people will never know.

They dig deeper but are always rational and intellectual. They put too much faith in the power of their mind that will limit the ability to experience life essence, which you can only know through experience, not by words or thoughts.

Numerology Facts of Number 7

The number 7 is a prime number and is usually broken down into 4 and 3. So the sevens combine practicality (4) and creativity (3).

Seven is a highly spiritual number that is associated with mysticism. It is a masculine number as it is cold, confident, assertive, and attention-seeking.

Strengths within a person with the Numerology of 7

Becoming spiritual is one of its strengths.

The proper understanding of number 7 is that there’s always something more profound, hidden like something that no one can see, instill in them a great sense of spirituality.

Even if religion is too limited for this number, a more personal and intellectual connection to the spiritual realms gives experiences more meaningful.

Curiosity is another strength that is evident from them. Having endless questions waiting to be answered and revealed, the world is fascinating for the number 7.

They find interest in many different topics and seek more knowledge and understanding as they can. Whether practical or metaphysical, this number always wants to know more.

They are not just like an information sponge wherein they take all the data they can, but their real strength lies in sorting through to find the truth.

To stay on track, follow, and believe in the most valuable wisdom, they can separate that helpful information from the meaningless to identify fact from just fiction.

Numerology of 7’s Love & Relationships

These people are frank and serious to their partners regarding relationships.

Ladies having this number are not show-off with their love, but deep in their hearts, they have the real love.

People of this number have deep affection and great love for their children. They are usually successful in their marriage and raising their family, but some will not choose to get married because of having oversensitive nature.

In terms of friendship, they are usually introverted, perhaps shy, and usually associate with knowledgeable people who handle complex challenges.

Their people do not make more friends, but if they can find one or more, they are honest and do their best to become true friends. In numerology, number 7 has tough relationships, and some end up in divorce as Ketu energy blocks the right and smooth marriage.

Negative Side of Numerology of 7

On the negative side, seven can be verbally abusive, arrogant, cynical, and oblivious to the suffering and pain of others.

The seven is sometimes opinionated and tends to know more info about everything, which is annoying.

They are dishonest sometimes and usually choose a more exciting truth than the actual one. Some people are not comfortable talking to them because of their penetrating eyes that even if they are listening to you, deep inside, they are analyzing the crevices of your earlobes and the shape of your face.

They can be cruel, cold-hearted, and show a lack of empathy. They are not usually interested in solving other people’s problems, but when they have their problems, they want others to feel for them.

There are times that they can be selfish, demanding, making exaggerating, anti-social, and rude.

numerology of 7 infographic

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