The Moon – Tarot Card Meaning

As we’ve already discussed in a previous article, tarot card reading is almost always impacted by the context in which the reading takes place.

Still, specific meanings attached to particular tarot cards remain broadly the same regardless of their position in the spread or the seeker’s question.

Much like our recent article on the star tarot card, we will look at the tarot card the moon’s meaning. Again, we will need to look at it from both an upright position (when facing you correctly) and reversed (when it is upside down).

We will imagine that we are pulling only one card out of the tarot deck so that the other cards’ context does not impact its meaning.

Tarot Card The Moon: Upright Meaning

the moon tarot card fool's tarot

The moon card from the Fool’s Tarot Deck.

When the tarot card the moon faces you in an upright position, it usually indicates that perhaps something is amiss in your life.

You may be being deceived at the moment without even realizing it, so the moon card is inviting you to take a moment for yourself of quiet introspection.

Rather than brushing your intuition or gut feelings about a situation to the side, the moon card indicates that you should listen carefully to them and trust your instincts about a particular person or situation that you might be in – because you are right to feel the doubt that you feel.In other circumstances, an upright moon card may be a message for you to start paying closer attention to any dreams you’re having.

the moon ramses tarot card deck

Another version of the moon card. This one is from the Ramses Tarot Deck.

Keeping a dream journal close to your bed might help you to record what you have been dreaming about to understand better what your subconscious mind has been trying to tell you.

The moon card indicates that you have been overlooking warning signs about certain things and that perhaps the answer to some of your problems lies within your dreams.

Take a closer look at them, and you might be able to create a more straightforward path for yourself moving forwards.In short, an upright moon card is a sign that something isn’t quite right in an area of your life, and it encourages you to take a closer look at your life to make sure you are in situations and surrounded by people that you can trust entirely.

Tarot Card The Moon: Reversed Meaning

When the moon card presents itself to you in a reversed position, it can be a sign that you will soon be free of the fears and anxieties that may have been holding you back lately.

It indicates that any deceptions or trickery that may have been happening behind your back will soon be exposed, and the truth will out before any real damage can be done.

tarot card moon hidden meaning

The moon card reversed is all about secrets.

By removing your fear and anxieties, you’ll be better able to make decisions that will suit you moving forwards, so you start to make good choices for yourself.

This mental clarity and ability to focus your thoughts on what truly matters will serve you well in the future.Another interpretation of the moon card could be that you are currently indulging in illusions more often than in reality.

A reversed moon card could signal that it is time to get some real perspective and move from fantasy into reality.

That thing you keep imagining?

It may be time to let it go and instead take some fundamental steps towards a goal that you can achieve.

By ridding yourself of these delusions, you will soon find that life is much more fulfilling.

A reversed moon card could be an invitation back to the real world, to take your head out of the stars for a moment, and to think about what you can achieve right here and now in reality.In short, a reversed moon card is a sign that your fears and anxieties will soon melt away, allowing you to think more clearly.

If you have spent a lot of time dwelling on fantasy, then now is the time to use your new mental clarity to start taking steps to help you achieve your goals.

Tarot Card The Moon: Different Contexts

Again, if the seeker asks about a specific area of life, then the Reader must focus their interpretation of the card in that particular context.

Whether the card is upright or reversed still impacts, so let’s take a closer look at some examples to see how it might differ.

the moon thoth tarot card deck

This moon card is from the Thoth Tarot Deck.

Love and the Moon Card

(Upright) When the moon card is upright in terms of love, it may indicate that you should be careful in your romantic pursuits. Perhaps somebody you have been thinking of dating isn’t right for you after all, or maybe you need to trust your intuition about a current partner that may not be being entirely truthful with you about an aspect of their life.(Reversed) When reversed, the moon card might indicate that deception will soon come to light. This does not necessarily mean that a partner has been unfaithful, but they may have been untruthful about something. If it comes to light early enough, no lasting damage may be done, leading you to continue your relationship with a new open communication policy.

Wealth and the Moon Card

(Upright) If you have been thinking about investing or spending large amounts of money, an upright moon card might indicate that it’s time to be patient and not rush into decisions. 

You may not have all the facts yet, so wait until you are entirely confident in your decision before parting with any money.(Reversed) If you have been feeling unclear about individual financial or career-based decisions, then you might start to notice that this fog is beginning to clear. Be patient, and think carefully about your financial choices, and you’ll make the one that’s right for you.As you can see again, context is everything in tarot reading. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a clearer understanding of the tarot card the moon.

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