Root Chakra

Root chakra symbol

The root chakra is the first of the three chakras of the matter which are more physical . There are 6 other chakras. It is named Muladhara.

Life begins at conception and starts from the bottom (root) and then grows the other organs through the spine, neck to the head and that is how the chakra system works.

The Chakra of the root is associated with the first thing you do after birth. When you are born, the first thing that is determined is whether you belong to the earth.

The determination of this chakra is whether you belong to the earth and within the earth's family system. This is an instinctual question and so do not bother to think about it cognitively.

Root Chakra and Survival

The root chakra is your survival center and hence your instinctual among all the other structures. It is where everything begins. All your energies are initiated from this chakra.

Be it energy for survival, flight all begin with this chakra. We can, therefore, conclude that it is your survival chakra.

This chakra controls your animal nature and it is enabled by the senses of smell and taste. When you were a baby, the first senses you brought out were smell and taste and it is commonly referred to as root.

After some time, this primal need for survival is met and you moved to get your object directly as you grew bigger and older.

This is how affirmation is brought about to the infant. They now know that they belong to the world and get confident moving around it and working with its objects.

Chakra of Stability

The root chakra is the chakra of stability and all your other basic needs. It comprises everything that grounds you to stability in life which are the basic needs of food, water, shelter, and safety.

It also includes your emotional needs and being fearless. Once these needs are met, you feel secure and grounded.

It is, therefore, the most important chakra as it forms the basis for our existence. All the other chakras depend on it as this is the beginning and the base.

The root chakra links your energy system and the physical world. It brings the motivation for eating, sleeping, and procreation.

On the psychological and spiritual side, the root chakra assists us in the development of personal integrity, self-esteem and gives us a sense of belonging.

It helps us feel grounded and connected to the earth and hence gives us a place to take root in. Its energy flow propels us forward through the journey of life.

If for any reason these energies are stuck, imbalanced or blocked, your vitality and motivation in life are also compromised.

This usually happens when there is a threat of our sense of belonging in the world through the trauma which makes us feel insecure.

Imbalance of the root chakra

The imbalance of this chakra often leaves one with a feeling of low energy, anxiety, worry, depression, frustration, anger, rage and generally have no interest in being alive.

The mental signs of an imbalance are lack of focus, pessimism, negative thoughts.

On the converse, when it is balanced one's energy flows smoothly, has a sense of belonging, feels secure in their actions and has an increased sense of self-worth.

The mental manifestation is good concentration, determination, clarity of thoughts, focused. On the emotional side, a person can express love, excitement, and passion.

To cure the imbalance requires engagement in deeper meditation, specific yoga techniques and trauma psychotherapy.

Root Chakra Support

The energy derived from this chakra supports in harnessing courage and the will when we are faced with challenging situations.

It gives us the support to connect to our ancestors' challenges and triumphs and we can concur with the situations we are in.

Events that threaten our survival such as famine and natural disasters are all imprinted in our bodies and passed through generations with patterns that are unconscious to our mind and will.

Our response to these events is natural as we are adapted to survive in such times by having very many adaptations in our bodies.

You should keep in mind that karmas of our present and past lives rest their energies in the root chakra. They lay dormant until when the right conditions occur and they will bloom to life.

All our thinking processes, the intentions we have and the action we take must have a seed that will be sown in this root chakra.

Color of the root chakra

Since it's the first of all energy centers, is has the densest of colors which is red. In the wavelengths in the visible spectrum, it is the most stimulating and the slowest.

Red pulls the eye's retina forward and in turn making our energy and attention to focus on the outward.

For this reason, we have red used as the stop sign in the warning light system. It commands attention, warns us of danger and when we see red, we immediately take action.

Also, red is the color of life force as it is the color of blood and the first color we come into contact with when we are born. Therefore, it depicts energy and our connection with the earth. It carries our survival promise.

8 Ways of Balancing the Root Chakra

1. Stones/Gems

This involves placing or wearing special stones such as the red jasper, black tourmaline or garnet on the area of the chakra which is your bottom while lying down.

This process leads to inner peace in your body.

Red jasper healing stone for root chakra.

Red Jasper. A common healing stone for the root chakra.

2. Physical exercise

This is participating in any physical exercise such as jogging, weight lifting, playing a sport.

These exercises provide a balance in your life and clarity of mind and soul. This clarity brings a big balance to this chakra because exercise is natural to our bodies and it works by nurturing it.

Also, exercise helps the body from gaining excess weight which can lead to an imbalance.

Dumbbell excercise - root chakra activation example.

Any type of excercise can help activate the root chakra, but the best are workouts that include the whole body.

3. Nutrition

Eating well and a healthy diet maintains your body metabolism at the required level. It helps you avoid illnesses and gives you the energy to keep moving.

It is recommended that eating fruits and vegetables can provide balance to this chakra.

The reason for this is because these are crops that are grown from the ground. The more natural and fresh the better for you.

healthy food that activates and balances root chakra

Healthy food will help the root chakra stay balanced.

4. Connecting to the earth

 This means walking barefoot on the grass from time to time, working on your gardening, planting seeds and taking care of them are some of the exercises that show your connection to the earth.

Keep in mind that this chakra begins with the ground.

Walking barefoot helps the root chakra

Walking outdoors, barefoot or not, helps you connect to the earth and the root chakra.

5. Vibrations and sounds

 These sounds have a frequency specific to the root chakra and when we are exposed long enough to these sounds, this chakra is brought to balance and your mind, body, and soul are in harmony.

healing tibetan bowl

Healing sounds can be mantras, tibetan bowls or crystal bowls.

6. Yoga

The different postures in yoga bring a lot of balance to this chakra.

Each posture in yoga has a different meaning and you can try out several of them during your sessions as guided by the yoga instructor.

yoga cobra pose root chakra

Yoga helps the root chakra and this cobra pose above is especially helpful.

7. Movement Meditation

 While meditation is commonly known for providing a connection to a higher spiritual being, it is also appreciated for its grounding abilities.

The reality is that there are times when you will not be able to trust the ground to give you everything that you need to survive but a connection to a higher being stronger and mightier than yourself can give you a sense of safety.

This is how meditation works to balance this chakra.

Movement meditation with yoga ball.

Movement meditation is meditation that involves slow and mindful movement.

8. Essential Oils

 The use of oils that come from the ground also provides balance. Examples are, Black Pepper, Clove, Ginger and Cedar.

Ginger essential oil can help aid in root chakra balancing.

Spiritual Awakening and the Root Chakra

The root seed mantra of this chakra otherwise called the bija mantra helps in the removal of any blockage through activation of energy after ensuring tension is released from the body.

It forms the beginning of awakening the dormant powers within us by raising them to consciousness were beautiful and healing with happy moments emerge from the past thus giving us strength and inspiration to keep on moving on our current path.

Emotional trauma, disappointments, and bad memories are healed and resolved.

Keep in mind that disappointments are just transitions and not as negative as people think.

They are simply transitions and teachings because every learning step in life is accompanied by a correction of false ideas called disillusionment. 

This chakra is often filled with many disillusionment such that when we can work out ways to go past these misfortunes with wisdom, we are transformed into great achievers.

Ignorant people take problems as a nuisance and misfortunes. The wise regard them as valuable lessons that strengthen our spiritual beings.

It is important to learn and understand that for us to progress in our spiritual development we must understand the place of suffering in our lives otherwise we shall remain stuck in this suffering for many years to come.

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