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5 Root Chakra Meditations

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz on Heart, Third-eye, and Crown chakras. Many New Age enthusiasts prefer to unblock and access these chakras and forget about the body’s bottom-most chakra known as the Muladhara/root chakra.

Imagine you are building a skyscraper and intentionally fail to lay a sturdy foundation. What is likely to happen when a storm hits the construction area? The whole building will likely come crumbling down with disastrous consequences.

Failing to work on your Muladhara chakra can result in instability of other chakras resulting in a spiritual and physical imbalance.

Rather than only developing chakras that appeal to the masses, It would be best to start your spiritual journey by working on your Muladhara chakra.

5 Root Chakra Meditations that help open and unblock your foundation

Several techniques help in healing and unblocking your root chakra. For instance, you can use root chakra stones, make diet changes, and use firm affirmations to open/ unblock your root chakras.

However, one significantly simple way of opening your Muladhara chakra is through meditation and Yoga. Here are 5 Root Chakra Meditations that help balance and centering your Muladhara chakra and the correct way of doing them.

1. The Malasana Technique

Malasana is a yoga exercise that provides a good energy grounding quality. It helps to center your being by balancing your downward-flowing energy.

This exercise involves squatting in a crouched position. It’s prevalent in India, where you find people in this position while selling items or even reading in the streets.

Malasana helps to strengthen your lower back, which is where your root chakra is located. Here is a step by step guide to meditating while using this technique.

1. Start by placing your feet apart, roughly at hip-distance apart, and enter the squat position while ensuring your back is straight. For better support, you can put your palms together in a prayer-like position.

2. Begin your meditation while in this position by relaxing, shutting your eyes, and breathing deeply through the nose while focusing on the root chakra point. Try to imagine a glowing sensation at the spine’s base and hold this position for a few minutes.

3. After five or so minutes, relax your mind and the glowing sensation while slowly opening your eyes. Once you’ve completed this process, sit down for a while and use strong root chakra affirmations such as, “I am content, safe and invulnerable” to enhance further root chakra healing.

2. The Janu Sirsansana Meditation 

The Janu Sirsansana meditation is an incredibly refreshing technique that works on your lower back and digestion while healing your Muladhara chakra. It is commonly known as the head-to-knee pose.

Here is how you should undertake this meditation exercise:

1; Sit on the floor with your back at a 90-degree angle and ensure your legs are parallel to the floor. Place your left leg underneath the right thigh and move your knee backward such that the thighs are at 90-120 degrees apart.

2; Grasp your right foot with your hands and slowly move your face towards the knee area without raising the knee. Shut your eyes and maintain this position for up to five minutes while breathing deeply.

You can use guided visualizations to assist you to meditate in this position. Switch legs and repeat this process.

3; Finalize the meditation by laying on your back and stating a root chakra statement that affirms your core chakra is healed/ open. For instance, you can say, “My body, spirit, and mind are in perfect condition.”

3. The Padmasana meditation

The Padmasana technique is one of the toughest yet effective asanas among these 5 Root Chakra Meditations.

It is also commonly called the lotus position. An individual crosses their legs and places their hands on the knees. It should be done as follows:

1; Cross your legs while ensuring each foot is on the opposite thigh, and the soles are facing upwards. Ideally, your knees should be in contact with the floor.

2; Afterward, straighten your back while placing your arms in a straight, stretched position. Breathe slowly and deeply, ensuring you relax your abdominal muscles are relaxed.

3; You can use a metal spoon to gently rub your soles while you meditate, as it helps to initiate energy flow, and hold this lotus pose for up to 10 minutes. After the meditation session, ensure to stretch your legs.

4. Pavanamuktasana

Pavanamuktasana is a simple meditation pose that is suitable for beginners.

It is often called the wind-relieving meditation as it can assist in freeing abdominal gas.

This meditation pose helps to exercise your spine’s base, which is the Muladhara chakra source. Here is how you should do it.

1; Lie flat on the floor and streamline your body such that the legs are together. Slowly bring a folded knee close to your abdomen and hold it in place using your arms as support.

2; Close your eyes and focus on your Muladhara chakra point while inhaling and exhaling deeply. State your chakra intention and speak to the root chakra, and permit it to open.

3; Release the knee, repeat this technique on the other knee, and finalize by holding both knees together while meditating on your root chakra.

4; Relax a bit before doing other activities.

5. Balasana meditation

Balasana is relatively trivial, and its common name is the child pose.

Balasana places your body in a resting position that eases the chakra’s flow in various body points, including the root chakra. Here is a straight-forward procedure on how to perform this meditation.

1; Kneel on a mat, ensuring your heels are facing upwards. Stretch your arms upwards and slowly move your torso downwards, guaranteeing both the hands and face reach the floor.

2; Once in this pose, use controlled deep-breathing and meditate on your root chakra. Try to move the breathing sensation towards your lower spine and picture a red pulse emanating from this chakra point.

3; Hold this pose for approximately 3 minutes and return your torso upwards while holding your shoulders with your fingertips. Finish off your meditation with a short break.


The root chakra serves as a critical foundation for the energy that flows through the rest of the six body chakras.

Although many individuals consider it the lowest chakra, it’s still worth cultivating because, without a strong foundation, you cannot access the rest of the chakras optimally.

If you use these 5 Root Chakra Meditations, they will help unblock and heal your Muladhara chakra.

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