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Crown Chakra Knowledge

The Crown chakra is also known as Sahasrara which means a thousand-petaled. It perches at the top of the head. Its symbol is the lotus flower.

The symbolism of the chakra reflects this perfectly as you see above. It’s like a beautiful flowering of consciousness.

This chakra depicts our energy center of consciousness that all human beings carry.

The word Chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means a wheel or a circle. It refers to the circular energies present in the human body.

The Chakra system is a network of energies that are interconnected and move throughout the whole body to give human beings life energy that enables them to have a fulfilling and rewarding life.

There are 7 chakras ranked from first to seventh and the crown chakra is the 7th one.

It is the meeting base between the finite and the infinite. It is, therefore, the storage of all our energies through prayer, faith, and meditation and this is the faculty that enables us to connect with a higher being.

A Balanced Crown Chakra

When the crown chakra is healthy and working well as balanced, we get a connection to our spiritual self.

We easily connect with our inner wisdom, connect with others and see the bigger picture despite tough situations surrounding us in the physical world.

As human beings, we have our body, mind, and soul as the main components of our being.

Crown Chakra Color

This chakra is represented by the color white. Sometimes it can be depicted by a deep purple.

The reason it is depicted white is because of its representation of the soul in totality. This means that it comprises all light wavelengths meaning all the rainbow colors.

When the color is pure, like it is with white it indicates rising vibrations and awakening which is exactly what this chakra is about.

Symbol of Sahasrara

Its symbol is composed of:

  • A circle
  • A thousand petals​

The Crown Chakra connects us to the eternal world since it is the center of divine awareness.

The symbol shows the connection to the god of creation. It is a representation of the divine unity that we have with the universe. Also, the flower is a representation of the eternity of prosperity and its divine nature.

crown chakra meditation

The crown chakra represents completion. This is also what is meant by the Thousand Petaled Lotus in Buddhism. Causeless bliss and spiritual ecstasy are its keywords.

Crown chakra location

The crown chakra is located at the head and it is like a crown that radiates upwards and that is the reason for its name.

Due to is location is associated with the brain and the nervous system as a whole.

The brain is the epicenter of our being because it controls everything in our lives.

This is where our being and spirituality lie hence the location of this chakra.

Behavioral characteristics of this chakra

Like with all the other chakras, the crown chakra has certain characteristics that manifest in our behavior, in an outward manner and they reflect to others.


This chakra enables us to be alert and aware of our situation in life. It helps us know and respond to all the situations that we are in.

Nothing takes us by surprise because we are already aware of what is happening in our lives.

Awareness of wisdom and Sacredness

We are aware of what is good and bad and pursue them because we are able to understand the reason for our being.

We do not engage in actions that defile our bodies because we know that such actions will not impress upon our gods.

Connection with the formless world

This chakra enables us to connect to the spiritual world which is vast, limitless and of endless possibilities.

It enables us to dream of many things we aspire to do and be.

The Crown Chakra takes us out of this world and makes us realize about our other worlds and our place in the universe.

Liberation from the Limiting patterns

The world has a way of limiting our possibilities. Everywhere we go, we hear of limits.

We hear that we cannot achieve this, something is impossible, something is humanely not possible and the like.

With this chakra, we are able to do away with these limitations because we connect to a higher being and with the connection, we are able to do what the world says is impossible.

In summary, the crown chakra helps us to transcend our limitations in the physical world that are bound by time and space.

This is where we are able to make two opposing sides meet, repelling factors come together and where we are able to solve complex paradoxes.

When we have a deep connection with this chakra, we are in a state of togetherness and get spiritual ecstasy since we have access to the all-ness of clarity and divine wisdom.

This chakra is, therefore, our gateway to our divine self and the universe.

Crown Chakra Imbalance

The crown chakra may have an imbalance in two ways. One of them is when it is too much and becomes aggressive and we say there is excess crown chakra and it can be the opposite which is a deficiency.

When it is in excess, you will experience too much energy on the outside and you become aggressive and when it lacks you will become lifeless, slow and blocked.

For most people, the imbalance of this culture is manifested on the negative side which is means they become slow and demotivated.

Signs of a Crown Chakra Imbalance

At some point in your life, you may have an imbalance with you crown chakra that will be manifested in the following characteristics:


This is the lack of interest and having low energy in the things you are used to doing or the things that make you happy. There will be a sudden feeling of boredom and general disinterest in the things that matter.

Lack of compassion for Others

You will experience reduced compassion for other people, friends, family, and strangers. Normally, you care about others and their wellbeing but all of a sudden this feeling goes away and you no longer care about anyone.


This is being excessively absorbed in your own thoughts, feelings. The only thing you care about is your point of view and not about others.


A sudden lack of sleep. While this may be caused by other factors such as anxiety, it can be a manifestation of an imbalanced crown chakra. Sleep is the relaxation of the mind and this imbalance causes you to lack sleep.

Boredom with Life

This is having low energy in life and its goodness. You no longer see anything good in life. You do not enjoy its pleasures at all.

Feeling of alienation from Others

This is a perception that other people are no longer interested in your affairs. It is a reflection of your views and it is not necessarily the case but you depict it that way.

Spiritual Disconnection

This is a feeling of disconnection from your higher beings. You no longer have the ability to connect and you feel distant from your spiritual realm.

Greed and Materialism

This is the love for money and the want for everything that you can possibly get for yourself. You desire to have things that you do not need at the expense of others.

Lack of purpose and Direction

This is the general lack of the reason for your existence. We are all made and created for a reason.

Chronic fatigue

With a blocked crown chakra, you will experience tiredness that never ends. Even when you have not engaged yourself in much work, you might be feeling tired.

4 Ways to Heal the Crown Chakra

There are several ways to balance or heal your crown chakra, and the ones below are only a selection of those.

Choose the methods that speak to you.


Meditation is one of the best ways to bring your crown culture to balance and bring back your energy center.

There are many methods of meditation that you can practice to bring this chakra to balance and they range from breathing techniques to mantras.

Take control of your thoughts

Our human mind can control what it thinks about. The truth is that often times we get thoughts that are deceiving.

Once we take control and become aware of what we think about, we automatically conquer the imbalance of this chakra.

Anytime a negative thought crosses your mind, you just need to shut it out so that you maintain your balance on this chakra.

Engage in spiritual practice

You are the only one who is responsible for building a strong connection with your spirit.

Therefore, on a daily basis, engage in spiritual connection by spending time alone for a few minutes solely connecting with your spiritual being.

It doesn’t have to be similar to any other person’s and it can be unique to you.

Practice prayer 

Praying to your higher being is important. It can be to ancestors, universe, God, spirits, and others.

The list is endless. It doesn’t have to be religious.

The importance of prayer is that it brings that connection and a realization that you need help from the spiritual world for you to succeed in your earthly sojourn.

Prayer also opens up the energy bridge between you and your chakra such that the more you pray the more your chakra is enriched and therefore balanced.

Final Thoughts on the Crown Chakra

You must have learned a lot today and this is not the end of your discovery.

To have a connection with this chakra, you can now evaluate your life and identify the areas where your imbalance is coming from and take action immediately.

The results will be amazing and you will start feeling great again.

If your chakra is currently balanced, take note that you need to keep at it and take control of your thoughts so that an imbalance does not occur.

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