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7 Crown Chakra Crystals

Our crown chakra is most often linked with our spiritual selves and connects with the physical and spiritual worlds.

It’s almost as if the crown chakra is the crossover point where the two worlds collide.

Problems with our crown chakra can lead us to feelings of confusion or even stoke the flames of a crisis of identity.

If your crown chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you might feel as though you don’t know who you are as an individual or why you are on the earth at all.

As you can see, bringing balance to our crown chakra is essential if we want to feel as though we control our lives and do the right things for our spiritual selves. So, these seven crown chakra crystals can undoubtedly help you with that!

7 Crown Chakra Crystals

1. Sugilite

sugilite crown chakra crystal

Sugilite is a vibrant purple healing crystal that resonates most strongly with the crown chakra.

It is the stone best known for helping individuals form a stronger connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. We can notice this in a variety of different ways. 

Maybe you will see a more robust understanding within yourself about the spiritual world and the connections that we all have with it, and therefore each other.

You might also notice a change in perspective to act in the physical world more like your spiritual self. 

It’s easy, especially with a blocked or unbalanced crown chakra, to feel as though we aren’t behaving in ways that reflect who we truly are, so using Sugilite during your next crown chakra meditation can help realign the crown chakra and our spiritual selves at the same time.

2. Charoite

charoite crown chakra crystal

Another bright purple crystal here, we know the Charoite crystal for its overall healing effect on the crown chakra.

It is a powerful transformative healing crystal that removes negative energies by transforming them into positive ones. 

This can be beneficial for individuals who are noticing an imbalance in their crown chakra. 

Rather than removing the negative energies entirely or blocking them out, it merely helps change them into energies that benefit us. 

It’s also great for individuals trying to understand themselves on a deeply spiritual level because it can help bring about spiritual growth, which will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself.

3. Amethyst

amethyst crown chakra crystals

There are very few chakras that an Amethyst won’t influence because it is quite the all-rounder.

That being said, we sometimes refer to the Amethyst crystal as the stone of spirituality, so you can see why it is so closely associated with the crown chakra in particular. 

It helps us connect with the spiritual world in a way that opens our minds to the universe’s influence over us and all life to develop a deeper appreciation of our position in the world and the spiritual path that we are on. 

It’s an excellent crystal to use during meditation or placed in the room with you when trying to make more precise decisions about things. 

An Amethyst can calm our minds and bring about a spiritual peace that makes decision making and meditation much more effective.

4. Spirit Quartz

crown chakra crystals - spirit quartz

With a name like Spirit Quartz, you’re probably not going to be surprised that it works brilliantly with the crown chakra.

This healing crystal promotes powerful energies to surround the crown chakra, allowing us to fulfill our spiritual potential. 

It’s a great stone to use during meditation or by keeping it with you throughout the day because it can instill confidence in the individual that carries it. 

This is because it promotes unity within our spiritual and physical selves that helps us feel more confident in our decisions and actions. 

After all, we are behaving consistently with a sense of oneness.

5. White Calcite

crown chakra crystals white calcite

White Calcite is a healing stone that helps us to grow.

The energies that it promotes are all to do with self-growth and learning to accept oneself as they are.

It’s also an excellent stone for promoting motivation for change, though.

If, after meditating with White Calcite while you’re feeling particularly confused about yourself and your position in the world you don’t like the conclusion you come to about who you are, you’ll also feel more explicit about the steps you should take to align better who you are now with who you ought to be.

While it is a stone of new beginnings, it doesn’t promote a blank slate. Instead, you learn to accept yourself as you are before taking steps towards who you want to be.

6. Apophyllite

crown chakra crystals - Apophyllite

Apophyllite works excellent with the crown chakra because it promotes better links between the spiritual and physical worlds.

This can help develop psychic abilities to do with intuition, but it also opens you up to spiritual development and even more in-depth understandings of your spiritual self. 

Given that a blocked or unbalanced crown chakra often leads to confusion in thought or a sense of misdirection in life, Apophyllite can be a great crystal for helping you to see the way forward for you to feel as though you are back in control of your life and its direction again. 

Asking deeply personal questions to yourself while holding Apophyllite and meditating can help you understand yourself too, so try using this crystal in this way to see if you get better results.

7. Danburite

crown chakra crystals Danburite

Few crystals have the clearing powers that Danburite has.

If you have noticed that the other stones and crystals on this list have little effect, then Danburite would be an excellent next step.

It is powerful at clearing even the most stubborn blockages in all the chakras, especially the crown chakra, because of its link to our higher or spiritual selves.

Using Danburite can help you with these blockages and help you communicate with your spiritual self more clearly to understand the directions you must take in the physical world to feel more comfortable in your skin.The crown chakra is an essential chakra for us to take care of because it is our primary link to the spiritual world, including our spiritual selves.

Regular meditation with the seven crown chakra crystals listed above should help keep your crown chakra balanced!

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