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7 Signs Archangel Michael Is Close

Archangel Michael is the angel who fights for good over evil. He is a bold communicator and is a guiding angel and protector to all people of faith and spirituality.

It is said that he will help you throughout many of life’s traumatic or problematic events and that he can instill confidence and trust in the individuals that need it most when they are struggling.

The problem is, many people cannot notice signs that Archangel Michael is with them and offering his support and guidance during their difficult moments, so below we’ve listed seven signs Archangel Michael is with you or trying to connect to you, so you can open yourself up to his guidance and help when you need it the most.

7 Signs Archangel Michael Is Close

1. Warm Sensations

It may sound strange to some, but we know Archangel Michael for his loving light, and individuals can often feel this light through physical sensations of warmth.

He is said to step forward to you when you need it the most, so if you have been feeling downtrodden or desperate lately, then look out for sudden unexplained feelings of warmth.

It may be Archangel Michael trying to bring you into his loving light and offer you the protection you need during this troublesome time.

Allow the warmth to fill you up and welcome Michael into your life, ask him for his guidance, and you’ll soon know just what to do to feel better.

2. Hear His Voice

Yes, some people claim to hear his voice externally, as though they have a conversation with him.

Many other people describe it as an inner voice, something they can listen to within themselves.

It’s as though Michael’s guidance is a part of you. It might be easy to overlook his presence in this case, as you might write it off as a thought of your own.

If you’ve been feeling negative a lot lately but suddenly feel as though you are ready to tackle your problems, or the voice in your head sounds more positive and supportive, then stop for a moment and consider whether it might be Archangel Michael providing you with the comfort and support that you need.

3. You Feel Protection

Feeling protected is a sign Archangel Michael is close to you. Photo of a baby's hand being held.

You don’t need to be going through a difficult period of your life to feel Archangel Michael’s protection and love.

If you are having a good time of it lately and feel as though everything is finally going right for you, then pause and take stock for a moment.

This feeling of confidence didn’t just come out of nowhere. It’s possible that Archangel Michael is watching over you and protecting you from adverse decisions and situations and is actively steering you towards a positive path.

Taking time when things are going well to thank him for his guidance and support is an excellent way to show appreciation for your favorable position in life at the moment and might even help you continue to make the right decisions.

4. Orbs Of light

You can see orbs of light when Archangel Michael is close.

It may only be for a fleeting moment, as you pass a window or are busily going about your day, but flashes of light and orbs, no matter how long they last, can be a sign of Archangel Michael’s presence in your life.

If you have already welcomed his protection into your life, this can be a sign that it is working. If you have yet to welcome him, this can be a sign that he is seeking your permission to help you.

Either way, flashes or orbs of light are a powerful sign that he is with you because we associate him with the warm, bright energy of the sun, and he is so often described as having a loving light in which he surrounds individuals he is guiding.

5. You See Him

Seeing the Holy Spirit is a sign of Archangel Michael.

It doesn’t have to be in person, so often, we only see his presence as light as described above.

Maybe you notice an Archangel Michael statue or figurine or else come across an image of him as you aimlessly scroll social media.

The point is, any random encounter with an image of Archangel Michael of any kind is a sign that he is currently offering you protection or is seeking permission to guide you.

Don’t merely discount these images as chance happenings.

If you’ve been thinking about Archangel Michael a lot lately, then his appearance, no matter how you come across it, is a powerful sign that you benefit from his presence and protection.

6. Feeling An Unexplainable Presence

Many people could overlook this sign or explain it away as being just a random feeling, but stop for a moment and think.

Are you currently navigating a hard time in your life? Or are you going through life with the ease of somebody who is entirely in control?

Either of these situations might show that Archangel Michael is with you, and that constant feeling as though somebody is close by you might not be your imagination at all.

It probably is Archangel Michael walking alongside you to make sure that he protects you.

7. There Are Tangible Signs

Archangel Michael is, after all, a bold communicator

He does not believe in subtlety, and if you have been failing to notice some more discreet signs noted above, then it’s likely that Archangel Michael will change tact so that his presence can’t be ignored or explained away as something else.

This could be anything from seeing Archangel Michael in your dreams to coming across a particular website or book that discusses Archangel Michael.

For all you know, your arriving on this blog post today might be another sign that Archangel Michael is giving you to show that he is present in your life and offering you support and guidance.

In short, Archangel Michael is a keen communicator that is dedicated to offering protection and guidance to everybody.

The seven signs Archangel Michael is trying to communicate with you or is actively present in your life listed above are certainly not all the ways he might try to get your attention.

Just stop for a moment and consider whether you are benefiting, or could soon benefit, from his protection and guidance.

When you welcome him and his light into your life, you will notice a change in your circumstances.

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  1. I had a very scary experience, about 3 years ago, I was lying on my bed, slowly breathing and all of a sudden, I felt and saw a spiritual bright white light go what seemed to me to be coming from my feet up to my plexus, it banged hard to break through my plexus, but didn’t succeed. I wanted it to stop and then it did. I think that that was a beginning of a kundalini experience. What do you think of this……?


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