Why We Should Seek Help From Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is one of the seven archangels and among the three mentioned in the Bible. This Archangel is ranked the highest among the angels of God.

Angels are messengers of God. And the archangels receive the most critical missions. The early fathers of the church described Michael as the prince of other angels.

archangel michael fights with the great dragon

A beautiful rendition of Archangel Michael fighting the Great Dragon from the Bible. This work of art is found in a church in Tel Aviv, Israel.

What does Michael mean?

Michael’s name means one who is similar to God, though he is not equal to God. We must know that no one can indeed be like God himself.

However, Archangel Michael is the great symbol of humility before God in relation to Satan, who refused to bow to God due to his great arrogance.

After all, the great dispute among the angels of heaven was between the humble and faithful servants, led by Michael, and the rebellious and arrogant angels, led by Satan.

Characteristics and History of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is widely known as the angel of courage, protection, strength, and security. The Bible mentions Michael in four different places. The book of Daniel chapters 12 and 10:13, in Revelation 12: 7 and in Jude 9.

In Daniel chapter 12, Michael is called the “great prince” and again described as the protector of the chosen people of God during his exile. He will be the protector of the faithful at the end of the world. In Judas, chapter 9, we see Michael caring for and protecting the body of Moses.

Michael’s most significant appearance is the Book of Revelation, chapter 12. Michael leads the fight of the faithful angels against Satan and his evil army. Saint Michael leads the final battle against Satan, expels Satan and his evil army from the sky, and wins the final victory.Archangel Michael can appear to people in various forms, as do all angels. Still, he often has a sword and a shield, and when you call him, he will protect you with a blue light that protects against physical and mental damage.

His energy strengthens the caller with inner strength and determination so that you can overcome problems and move on.

He allows people to overcome pain and fear, get out of their comfort zone, and face new challenges.In all situations where you have challenges, fear, need for confidence, worry about the result, call Archangel Michael.

You can, by holding a photo of him in your head, shouting his name in your head or out loud. Whatever you do, if you focus on him, he will listen to you and be by your side in seconds.

Archangel Michael – Saint and patron of the city Kiev, Ukraine.

How to Connect With Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the first Archangel that people should work with when they are just starting their angelic journey. It can help you so much that it should be mandatory for everyone to know it.First, he plays the role of protection. Call upon him to offer you security, and be sure you will be protected. Archangel Michael will precede you in a place that cleanses, opens the way, and transforms any negativity that may still exist. Archangel Michael will protect you from the negative thoughts and emotions of others towards you, just ask.

Keep in mind that you must be honest with yourself because you must not project hostile thoughts or bad intentions against yourself or others.

Every morning I ask him to “protect me from evil and from all lower energies tonight, tomorrow and always.” It has changed my life enormously. I know and believe that Michael is the Archangel who protects me when I ask him every day.

Archangel Michael’s Guiding Role

Michael is also aware of your purpose in life. He can help you remember it and guide you to reach it. His ability to do this is excellent. Many of us remain dissatisfied and do not know how to find life’s meaning.

If you find yourself in such a situation, call upon Archangel Michael to help you understand your purpose. He will reveal this to you, and when you don’t “hear” his message, he will keep using different words to make you understand.

If you feel that you know your purpose in life, ask him to accompany you on your way so that you leave this life after doing your best.Another specialty of Michael is to eliminate your fears, banish energy, and all ethereal chords that cause you harm and negativity. For this reason, he holds a sword.

Michael’s Sword And Its Powers

Michael uses the sword to break all the negativity attached to you. Whenever you have fear, ask Michael to take that fear away from you because you don’t need it.

If you suddenly feel depressed and have lost your energy, ask Michael to cut the chords of fear that consume your energy and vitality.

Close your eyes, and you will feel a sense of power when they are gone, and you will feel much better.Michael also helps repair electronic or mechanical components, such as computers or cars. Give it a try: the next time something goes wrong on your computer, ask Michael to fix it for you. Wait a moment, and the problem is gone.

Sometimes it may take a little longer, but in general, I find that the answer is almost always to ask Michael for help. It’s amazing.

Michael’s four roles in saving humanity:

  1. He fights Satan, the devil.
  2. Fight to save the holy souls from the power of Satan, especially at the hour of death.
  3. He is the patron of the church.
  4. Bring the souls of the peoples of the earth to their final judgment.
  5. Archangel Michael is the patron saint of soldiers, police, and paratroopers.

How To Call the Archangel Michael

Asking for help is all you need to do, all you want! A simple prayer can look like this:

“Archangel MichaelHelp me find my wayAnd protect me every day.”

A prayer does not have to be fancy. An archangel does not care about that. However, Michael does care about our honesty and heartfelt intentions.

He does, also, work in mysterious ways. Amanda Ross discovered a powerful 4-sentence prayer to Archangel Michael that manifested both her soulmate and great wealth. But only after a horrible car accident she barely survived. She now teaches this unique prayer to people seeking to get the same results. You’ll hear more of Amanda’s heart-breaking life-story, and how Archangel Michael came to her rescue, by clicking the link below.

michael with sword

As you can see, Michael’s sword is almost always included. In this art piece his sword is surrounded by flames to show its divine powers.

Ask Michael To Cut Spiritual Bonds

Sometimes we develop a close bond with others, be it emotionally or physically, whether through romance, friendship, or vice versa, such as disagreements or negative attacks.

Spiritual strings form within these bonds. We can create connections for our homes, our pets, our work, our memories, and everything related to our energy, whether positive or negative.However, if we separate physically from everything with which we have an energetic link, we only separate on the physical level. However, the spiritual cords are always firmly connected unless we release them.

These are the bonds that join us to the other person, to the object, to memory or the situation, and can bring us co-dependence, ill health, and unhappiness.Summon Archangel Michael to use his mighty sword to cut the strings of your energetic connections to the past and to give you the strength and courage to progress on your path.

You will feel a lot of relief, be more tranquil, and a positive impact on your life. Imagine Michael cutting the laces with his sword, watching him convert negative energy and attachments, and letting Michael do the rest.

Archangel Michael and the Chakras

Archangels Michael connects to the throat chakra, the communication center.

You can help by strengthening and purifying this chakra, which leads to more in-depth communication, balanced expression, and mastery of the blue ray’s properties.

Ask Michael to balance the chakra and visualize his sapphire rays of blue by infusing it with the chakra. The sun rules Archangel Michael, giving him his fire elements.

The associated aromas are incense, sage, chamomile, and rosemary. Michael will always be there for your protection, just ask.

Last Thoughts On The Archangel Michael

Michael will help you with your divine plan of what you have to accomplish on this planet, especially if you are a light-worker. However, he will help anyone who requests it.

Cut ethereal threads of attachment and negativity with his flaming sword of truth and protect yourself from negative influences and people with his shield if you ask him to.

Sometimes we feel “connected” to a negative relationship or situation, and there is a power cable between you and the other person who does this. Michael will dissolve it with his sword if you ask him to. Only negative wires can disappear.

On the other hand, the cords of spiritual love are positive and can never go away.

Finally, Michael is a good angel to call upon every day. The alarm rings, you take a shower and start breakfast, you pray for the protection of Archangel Michael.

It’s that simple to make him part of your everyday life.

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