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Are You Happy?

Are you happy right now? Most of the time, there’s no reason not to be. You have everything you need and more.

I remember when I realized that happiness wasn’t a product of how much we have or what we do. It changed my direction in life. The inner world became my main focus because I knew that’s where my joy was.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy having possessions. I also find enjoyment in the outer world; hobbies, friends, and seeing the wonders of nature. The difference is that you anchor yourself in awareness. You can always come back to this timeless space and rejuvenate. That’s where you find inspiration.

Within you and me is the light that changes everything. This light is also called awareness and consciousness. Accessing this light is a more fabulous treasure than all the gold in the world.

What stops us in this very moment from being happy is we’re not aware of this light. Silly thoughts block our perception and waste our time. We worry about things we don’t have to. At this very moment, we can be happy if we remember the light within.

Perception Is Everything

There are always a thousand reasons to be grateful. If we could focus our minds on just one of them, it would be enough to be blissful. What happens instead is that we allow our minds to wander.

Nobody controls their mind perfectly at all times. The person who does has reached the state of Buddha. 

We empathize with everything around us. We take in emotions and allow them to be part of us. Ideas that shape our reality today were once foreign. We picked them up from books or our teachers.

The only thing we can do is work towards greater awareness. What shaped who we are today? Inside that awareness, we’ll discover keys to better ourselves.

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