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Awaken your boundless heart with Pema Chödrön. Her new online course is a deep-dive into the secrets of spiritual love.

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Hi! I'm Jon André Lundal

For the past 15 years I've been a spiritual seeker. The chakras were a big part of my journey since then. Ten years ago I started working towards a Kundalini Awakening.

During the last ten years I have practised many different styles of meditation, but the main focus has always been chakra work and understanding Kundalini Shakti. is where I share my experiences and the meditation methods that are valuable to me. I am also an affiliate of and if there's a new program I think will benefit my readers, I pass it on.

My number one goal is to show YOU how to awaken Kundalini.

Ever Had A Lucid Dream?

Andrew Holecek's Lucid Dreaming Training Program shows you how to have lucid dreams and why they can assist your spiritual journey.

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