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Archangel Jeremiel

Who is Archangel Jeremiel?

Archangel Jeremiel is one of the seven archangels in Jewish tradition and one of the four named archangels in the Christian tradition. 

He is called the angel of illumination and insight in both traditions.

He helps us gain clarity on our spiritual paths and helps us trust in divine guidance and timing.

What does he represent?

Archangel Jeremiel represents divine wisdom, clear communication between Heaven and Earth, psychic awareness, inner vision, higher understanding, mercy, and peace.

He is often depicted with a scroll in his hand, reminding us of the importance of sacred truths and knowledge.

How does he help us?

Painting of Archangel Jeremiel - the angel of insight.

Archangel Jeremiel helps us understand what we need to do to move forward on our spiritual paths.

He assists us by allowing us to gain clarity and understanding of our life path, as well as helping us to trust in divine timing.

He also helps us to remain open and willing to receive insights and guidance from the divine.

The Power of Prayer and Intention

Prayer and intention are powerful tools for connecting with Archangel Jeremiel.

Prayer is a way to open our hearts and minds to receive his insight and guidance.

Through prayer, we can also set intentions for the help we seek from him.

By developing our intentions, we can focus on what we hope he will bring us clarity or understanding about.

Prayers to Archangel Jeremiel

A prayer to Archangel Jeremiel.

Here are some examples of prayers to Archangel Jeremiel:

Prayer 1

“Archangel Jeremiel, please fill my mind with divine wisdom and understanding. 

Help me to trust in the divine timing for all that is unfolding in my life. Bless me with your insight and help me to find clarity and insight on my spiritual path.”

Prayer 2

“Archangel Jeremiel, please guide and support me as I open up to the divine guidance that is available to me.

Help me to remain open and willing to receive the gifts of your insight and understanding.”

Other Ways to Connect with Archangel Jeremiel


Meditation can be a powerful way to connect with Archangel Jeremiel.

Take time each day for a few minutes of quiet reflection or meditation to create space for him to come in.

Create an affirmation or mantra such as “I am connected with the divine wisdom of Archangel Jeremiel,” which you can repeat while meditating if desired.

Visualization Exercise

You can also use visualization to connect with Archangel Jeremiel.

Begin by finding a quiet place to sit and closing your eyes. Imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful, golden light full of love and compassion. 

Ask Archangel Jeremiel to come into your meditation space and ask him for guidance or insight on whatever it is you need help with. 

Take some time to listen within for any messages or insights he may have, then thank him for his presence when you are finished.

Utilizing Crystals and Stones

Blue Lapis Lazuli can help you connect with Jeremiel.

Certain crystals and stones can be used to help increase our connection with Archangel Jeremiel as well.

Lapis Lazuli, for example, has long been thought to hold the energy of divine wisdom and insight. 

You can keep this stone with or near you to help increase your connection with Archangel Jeremiel.

Archangel Jeremiel Artworks

Click on any of the images below to see the full-size version.


Painting of Archangel Jeremiel.

In conclusion, Archangel Jeremiel is a powerful source of guidance and understanding for us on our spiritual paths.

Through prayer, intention setting, meditation, visualization, and utilizing crystals and stones, we can access his divine wisdom and insight to gain clarity on our paths in life.

Whatever you seek clarity or understanding into, know that Archangel Jeremiel is there to support you every step of the way.

May his love bless you! Amen.

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