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Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel is the Angel of Justice. He creates a harmonious relationship among family, peers, colleagues, and everyone around you.

When you are experiencing a complicated relationship, he is the archangel that you should implore the intervention of. His primary role is to watch over the faithful. He would take revenge over those who transgressed God’s Law, and his number is 6.

Raguel keeps the fallen angel and demons in check. He had to make sure that those creatures were not harming the human world.

He would destroy demons and fallen angels and send them to hell. There was no evidence of him in the Canonical Bible, but there is a mention of him in Enoch 2, which is not canonical.

In the Book of Enoch, the text mentioned that Raguel and Sariel carried the mortal Enoch up to the heavens. His name had also appeared in different civilizations and was called Rag. 

His role in different civilizations, cultures, and beliefs was always the same. He is the one who would help you overcome conflicts with people you have misunderstandings with.

Being the Archangel of Justice and Harmony, he is the one you should ask for help for you to fight injustice. Archangel Raguel will be there for you when you feel mistreated and unheard of.

In times when you plea for help for being wronged, he is the one who will be overseeing that justice is done to you. For all the times you experience violence, poverty, and any form of social injustice, he will listen to your pleas and ask God to help you when you pray to him.

He is the Great Watcher among the children of God.

Archangel Raguel’s Powers

Raguel is the one who would administer justice. He would punish the evildoers and reward those bringing justice to the world. He loves helping those imploring his help when they need justice in their lives.

When there is conflict, he is the archangel who harmonizes the chaotic surroundings. He does not want people to be arguing and stop talking to each other.

When you misunderstand the people around you, want harmony, and are bothered by evil spirits, you implore his help.

He is an angel who follows the laws of God very earnestly. He would come down from the Heavens, wearing a white robe, in all the glory and holding the flaming sword to administer justice in this world.

Being the chief principalities among the angels, he would assist in establishing order in the lives of the faithful. They encourage spiritual disciplines daily to cultivate behaviors that bring them closer to God.

When people become closer to God, they will be receiving more blessings. Archangels and other angels want people to receive those blessings for a fruitful life.

Archangel Raguel can heal relationships. It cannot be avoided that there would be bad relationships for different reasons. Archangel Raguel can repair that relationship if you ask him for help.

He will show you how to do it. He will be showing you symbols and signs. He will make you feel that you need to start working on your relationship. You would have a gut feeling that you need to make up with the person, and he would even show you the way.

It could be an “accidental” meeting through familiar friends or commonplaces. These meetings may keep on constantly happening that you might have the chance at one point to sit together and makeup.

He can heal traumas when you are in an abusive relationship or any relationship that might have hurt you too much when you seem not to be able to forgive.

He will slowly guide you towards healthy healing if you pray for him. He can show you that you are a special person worthy of being loved. He will heal you by having beautiful dreams and avoiding the memories of your past.

Trusting him with your healing is like a guide to help you in a healthy healing process.

Signs and Symbols that Archangel Raguel is around you

Archangel Raguel will make you direct your anger towards injustice. This is one of the signs that he is around you or his presence is with you.

He is the angel that does not want you to harbor your anger within you and make it grow. Instead of holding the anger inside you, he will make you meet necessary people or be in events that will enable you to have access towards advocacy that fights injustice.

When you have experienced trauma and start feeling anger, there would be a way to release it positively. Aside from meditation, prayer, and exercise, you can also remove it by helping others achieve justice. This is the best way to release the anger boiling within you.

Archangel Raguel is the angel of harmony, providing calm to the person. When you are relaxed, you can easily avoid disputes and other forms of conflict.

Archangel Raguel facts

He gives you a different perspective of people and your surroundings. You do not quickly react to negative inputs around you. You can have new ideas to create order around you.

Archangel Raguel will help you develop ideas to make your home more inviting, calmer, and more organized. These habits will result in a more energetic person. You can direct it to a more positive outlook in life when you have more energy since you do not see any trouble around you.

Having Archangel Raguel in your life will put your mind and heart at ease. You will feel secure since someone is always watching over you.

In this world full of injustice, it is good to know that those who are oppressed, those suffering from human rights abuses, those who cannot get justice because they are lowly can have someone they can turn to.

They have an archangel who will bring demons to hell and their knees. Raguel is the one who makes sure that the faithful and those who implore his help will get the justice they need.

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