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Books I Have Written

Over the years I have written several short books that are published on Amazon.

They all contain my personal spiritual experiences.

Chakra work was how I understood that meditation is a result of our energetic being.

If your chakras are well-balanced, you will feel at peace. You will reach meditation with ease.

All these short-reads, they range from a couple of pages up to 60 pages long, offer valuable tips and tricks on how to optimize the energy in your chakras.

Mantras and crystals are two of my favorite techniques to use.

Awakening the Kundalini requires greater effort, but is also the ultimate chakra technique, because it works on a deeper level with all chakras.

If you decide to look into these, remember that they are short reads.

I have received some negative reviews on Amazon because of that, but others have gained valuable insights and truly enjoyed what’s inside.

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Available on Amazon

All of these are available on Amazon.

Some of them are also there as audio books and paperbacks.

The purchase links will take you to the product on Amazon.

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