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Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

The third eye is the energy center of intuition and divine wisdom. I will show you how can quickly start energizing this chakra using my favorite 35 third eye chakra affirmations.

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How These Affirmations Will Help You

Third eye chakra affirmations encourage you to become more connected with your Third Eye or Ajna Chakra.

Affirmations empower and restore your chakra and as a result, you acquire greater self-awareness and razor-sharp intuition.

The Third Eye Chakra seats the eyes of your soul. You will be able to discern the world with greater perspectives when you activate your third eye using affirmations. You will be able to see, hear, and feel the energy around you. You may even be able to perceive psychically and with very strong intuition.

Awakening your Third Eye enables you to comprehend complex concepts and situations you may not have understood in the past.

You will see other angles of your circumstances with sharper vision. You will also be able to communicate thoughts and feelings easily.

third eye chakra affirmations help open the chakra art

Your Third Eye Chakra

The word chakra originates from the Sanskrit word for circle or a spinning wheel.

At times, chakras are referred to as the wheels of life. Chakras are aligned in ascending order from the spine’s base to the top of your head.

Chakras have perpetually been referred to as a classical element, an aspect of consciousness and related to bodily functions.

The Third Eye Chakra emanates from between the eyebrows on your forehead.

Essentially, chakras are multiple subtle body focal points used in various ancient practices of meditation.

Denominated collectively as esoteric, inner traditions of Hinduism, also known as Tantra.

The area between the eyebrows is where we direct our attention when doing third eye affirmations.

Early traditions of Hinduism reveal the concept of chakras. Between religions of India, beliefs vary.

Buddhism texts mention five chakras consistently while sources of Hinduism offer six to seven chakras.

Regardless of belief, early Sanskrit text revels meditation visualizations combine mantras and flowers as the physical body’s physical entities.

The Nature of Chakras

Modern interpreters refer to chakras as electromagnetic. Techniques of breathing exercises are practiced by kundalini yoga along with bandhas, kriyas, mudras, and visualizations. The focus is to manipulate subtle energy flow throughout each chakra.

In the body, illness is not just bred as a result of poor luck in health or bad genetic mutation. It is not just come from eating bad food or smoking.

Illness is as much as a degradation of the body as it is the mind. The way you feel spiritually and mentally, and your attitude to life– all these things matter. There is no small part to play in the game of health. Words you use your life outlook, personal thoughts, everyday conversations, and the feelings you keep in the back of your mind all play a key role in the integrity of your body’s wellness. Through the seven chakras of the body, you can get to the root of the psychology of your disease. These are seven spiritual power centers housed within your physical body. These centers of energy feature a precise consciousness level within your body.

They also control your connection to the spiritual and physical world and control your psychological state. Visually, chakras are depicted as spinning wheels in alignment vertically through the body.

How Do Affirmations Help Balance the Third Eye Chakra?

Affirmations are the most powerful method of balancing your chakra. The reason is that thoughts create reality. Regular practice of positive affirmations that balance the chakra help in achieving real results.

The seven major energy centers or chakras of the body correspond to specific vibrational, color-coded frequencies. This influences our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. When you perfectly align your chakra with the universal energy flow, each aspect of your life becomes joyful and harmonious.

Reclaim perfect health when you balance your chakra. Make your life’s passion and love new again.

How to Use Third-Eye Chakra Affirmations?

One of the most effective and easiest methods of restoring each chakra is to breathe with your intentions.

To use a chakra affirmation, find a quiet, calm place. Sit in silence for a few minutes. Breathe deeply. Bring your third eye chakra into a harmonic and natural balance with each intake of breath. Direct your breath’s energy to your chakra. Allow your awareness to settle into the chakra as you exhale. Feel your bodily tension flowing out.

Notice the range of sensations your body feels. Good chakra meditation involves all seven chakras.

As you breathe, say each intention purposefully, focusing on every word. Remember, words are things. Words change your reality. Affirmations will balance your chakra.

eyes of buddha third eye

This symbol is known as the Eyes of Buddha. It shows the bliss caused by the opening of this chakra.

When to Use Chakra Affirmations

Use chakra affirmations at the same time each day. Pick a time before your first cup of coffee or at the end of the day, after work.

Chakra affirmations are particularly important when you are feeling extra stress during the week. You need to use chakra affirmations daily, preferably at the same time each day, once or twice a day.

In particular, use chakra affirmations when you are feeling stressed or energetically drained.

The times when you have low energy are symptoms and a side-effect of an imbalance in your chakra. Focusing on the root of the cause and bringing up your chakra into perfect balance will result in perfect health.

Also known as the Ajna Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra is located just above the nose in the brain and transcends time.

It is a gift and can see both the outer and inner worlds. This chakra gives us the ability to experience self-reflection, spiritual contemplation, and clear thoughts.

35 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

  1. I listen to my deepest intuition
  2. I am in touch with internal guidance
  3. My intuition always works to serve my highest purpose.
  4. I and my intuition are made with perfection
  5. I am blessed with an inner voice.
  6. I always know exactly what to do, all the time.
  7. I am full of wisdom and knowledge.
  8. I always look within when making decisions
  9. My intuition always tells me what to do.
  10. My intuition is never wrong.
  11. I am complete with inner knowing.
  12. We are all growing and learning. I am growing and learning
  13. I was born to fulfill my God-given purpose.
  14. I love discovering new things every day.
  15. I see life everywhere I look.
  16. I am here for a reason.
  17. I accept that I have weaknesses. I accept that I have strengths.
  18. I completely accept myself.
  19. I accept everything my third eye tells me.
  20. I accept the things I cannot change.
  21. I can only control my reactions to things.
  22. I can always see clearly
  23. I am sensitive to the world around me.
  24. I am shielded from harm by my intuition
  25. I can see clearly.
  26. I attract everything I have in my reality.
  27. I am enough as I am
  28. I always know the right thing to do
  29. I live to serve my highest purpose
  30. I was born to serve a greater purpose
  31. I am born with everything I need to survive.
  32. Everything I need to know, I already know
  33. My inner-knowing never fails
  34. I always know exactly what to do in every situation.
  35. I trust my inner guidance

Why Are Affirmations So Powerful?

The reason is that words are, like everything else, a type of energy with their own frequency.

There is tremendous power in spoken words.

Words can heal or they can wound. They are powerful and can be used as a powerful weapon. They have the power to recreate your world and alter your life.

The reason that positive affirmations work is because of neuroplasticity, which is a proven scientific principle. Neuroplasticity is the ability to rewire your brain with the power of words. There is a major role that affirmations play in actualizing our subconscious and manifesting desires.

Words can be used to balance your chakras and can have a significant impact on the outcome of your health. One example of the power of affirmations is when we have a positive attitude and feel good about ourselves.

The Energy of Words

This raises the body’s vibration into something positive and attracts renewed health, stronger chakra, and as a result clarity of vision, perfect health, a relaxed mind, and total well-being. Holistic tradition suggests that positive affirmations raise your chakra’s frequency and make your energetic body stronger.

When you believe and act as if something you are saying is true, and that you have acquired the outcome you long for, then the more you actualize the affirmation.

Thus when you tell yourself “I am tranquil,” This will affect your energetic chakra body and you will, inevitably, become tranquil. Scientifically, affirmations have been proven to work. The fact that they have been around for centuries means that generations of human beings have reaped the benefits of using affirmations.

The best method of proving that affirmations work is to see for yourself first hand. After a few days, you will notice real results in your life and might finally understand what has made millions of people true believers in the power of affirmations.

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