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Is Manifestation Real?

is manifestation real?

Yes, manifestation is real. What you want to manifest may not immediately jump onto the table in front of you, though. Manifestation is about creating change in your reality guided by desire and thought. How can you do that? You focus your mind and soul on getting the desired object or outcome into fruition, but … Read more

Is Manifestation a Sin?

is manifestation a sin?

Do you wonder if the manifestation of abundance, joy, relationships is a sin? Do you feel deep down that goodness of spirit comes from lack? If so, let’s dive deeper into these thoughts and see if they hold. Do You Think Manifestation is a Sin? You know it, I know it, many believe that there’s … Read more

Manifest Anything You Want

manifest anything technique

This manifestation technique may be the best I know. It doesn’t cost anything, and anyone can do it. You don’t need special skills or esoteric knowledge. I believe the universe operates with goodness at the center. Good is a short four-letter word that is very hard to define. Sometimes it isn’t easy to see or … Read more