Is Manifestation Real?

Yes, manifestation is real. What you want to manifest may not immediately jump onto the table in front of you, though.

Manifestation is about creating change in your reality guided by desire and thought.

How can you do that? You focus your mind and soul on getting the desired object or outcome into fruition, but first, you have to know what you want.

Manifestation is a real phenomenon, but you also need to be willing to put in some work. Let’s assume you want to manifest a healthier and stronger body.

To allow the Universe or God to give that to you, you have to be open-minded enough to try new things. Maybe try that workout you’ve been postponing for a long time?

If you want more money, you must give the Universe a way to give it to you. Maybe you could open a side business or do some freelance work. Who knows what opportunities lie behind those unopened doors?

Yes. Manifestation is real.

Manifestation is real, but unless you’re a highly advanced spiritual master, you won’t be able to manifest diamonds out of thin air. That’s okay. You can still focus your intentions to manifest anything you want in other ways.

Remember, everything around you is God’s energy; it’s all one Being, and if it’s the postman that delivers you something, that’s also a form of manifestation.

If wishing for a new relationship hasn’t worked out, maybe the way to manifest it is through seeking out new communities where people you resonate with hang out.

I believe the key is to be open to the wildest dreams and make them real while still realizing most of us have limitations in manifesting them.

We may not be able to teleport to the beaches of Hawaii instantly, but we can still manifest an awesome vacation there if we put our minds to it!

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Mary Morrissey is one of my favorite speakers on the art of manifestation and this free webinar will give you several valuable manifestation tools.

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