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How To Open Your Third Eye

Are you looking for techniques on how to open your third eye? You’re in the right place.

When I started my spiritual journey more than 10 years ago, I was instantly drawn to working with the third eye.

That was mostly because it really sounded like the coolest chakra. It came with all these awesome abilities as I’m sure you’ve heard.

Therefore the third eye definitely is the most alluring chakra for the beginner. Who starts their journey excited to do sacral chakra work? I know I didn’t. It was all about the third eye.

What Are The Benefits of Opening The Third Eye?

In my experience, the third eye enables us to access the truth behind Maya (illusion).

Truth is a difficult word to use, because it is used to describe what is factual also.

The truth I’m talking about here is spiritual Truth. The essence that unites the spiritual realm.

The third eye is the Eye of Shiva.

It is referenced in so many traditions that I will only cover a couple. The eyes of Buddha are an obvious symbol of the third eye.

The stories about Odin the one-eyed, who had to sacrifice one of his eyes to attain the knowledge of the runes, are another.

eyes of buddha third eye

This Buddhist symbol reveals the knowledge they have about the third eye.

The Third Eye In Hinduism

There is perhaps no other tradition as rich in third eye knowledge as Hinduism.

This is also where we see revealed on of the most effective third eye awakening techniques that exist.

You have all seen the Bindi in pictures. The word itself means dot and is placed between the eyebrows where the third eye is known to be.

open your third eye using bindi

The Bindi is usually a simple red dot, but in this example it is more adorned.

Open Your Third Eye Using This Technique

Why do the Hindus paint or adorn the third eye (its location to meditate on) like this?

The answer is obvious.

All sages within the hindu tradition have understood how energy works. What you focus on you give energy.

The Bindi works like a focal point for energy. It’s impossible to avoid energizing the third eye when you have a visual reminder like this.

Do we have to use a Bindi to access the power of this technique? No, not necessarily.

We can do third eye meditations where we consciously focus on this same spot between the eyebrows.

In conclusion, try to become aware of the energy that resides there. It will feel futile at first, but if you continue practicing you will start to gather awareness into the third eye.

Focus And Awareness Is Energy

The underlying fundamental here is that energy will be transferred into your third eye chakra when you do this.

I practiced and still practice this technique. After a while you can meditate on the third without even thinking about it. It becomes a natural thing.

It is hands down one of the easiest third eye meditations you can do. Everything depends on your own focus here. Start with a couple of minutes at first and practice daily.

You can slowly increase the time spent meditating upon the third eye. I promise that you will feel the results.

How To Use Awareness To Open Your Third Eye

If it is difficult to put your focus and awareness on the third eye, you can place your finger there now and then while meditating. Tap the third eye gently to guide your mind.

This may seem like a simplistic approach to opening the third eye, but I assure you it’s not.

Of course it’s possible to wear a Bindi all year long and never awaken the third eye. It is not a guarantee. It is only a tool that can be used to help you.

Most importantly, if your intention is strong and your mind focused, you won’t need any tools to open the third eye.

Never underestimate the mind’s intentions. What you set your mind to you can achieve. Having a practice with meditations you routinely do can be very beneficial either way.

The Third Eye can be the source of tremendous bliss and peace.

Firstly, it is a mysterious chakra, because you can never know everything about it.

Secondly, its knowledge expands with your journey and it will give you new insights when you are ready.

Thirdly, this chakra is an antenna to the Divine Energy.

bliss of the third eye

Crystal Third Eye Meditation

Every technique designed to awaken the third eye will be about putting energy, awareness and focus into the chakra.

Another favorite technique of mine is to place a healing crystal or stone between the eyebrows. You have to lie down on the floor or bed to do this.

Meanwhile, place restful awareness on the third eye and trust the crystal to help energy flow there.

After that, rest on the floor or bed for 5-10 minutes and enjoy the rejuvenation of your chakra system.

There are many crystals and stones you can use. Any of these will be perfect:

  • Amethyst.
  • Fluorite.
  • Pure quartz.
  • Lapis Lazuli.
  • Sodalite.

crystal healing on floor

Using healing crystals and stone to open your third eye.

How To To Open Your Third Eye Using Mantra

Sound is a powerful tool. Sound waves travel in every direction and can resonate with a chakra to cause healing and balancing.

Several mantras have been used through the ages to specifically awaken the third eye, but the mantra I have always used is the simplest and most powerful one.

The Power of Om

Using a mantra requires practice, and it is best to choose one to get familiar with.

Finding a new mantra each week is not necessary. Trust your mantra and used it faithfully. It will bring results for you.

Yes, the mantra I have always used to connect with the third eye is Om. Pronounce it slowly. You can say Om or Aum, that’s up to you.

To really explain how this works is difficult, but the sound and the word has energy. It has power to heal.

To sum up, what I know is that it really works. It is best to say mantras out loud, but you can also say it quietly within. Both ways bring positive effects and help awaken the third eye chakra.

You can also use affirmations to open the third eye.

Do you have a favorite third eye meditation technique? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “How To Open Your Third Eye”

  1. nice article, simple to understand and concise. my favorite method is crystal and chanting because the pressure of the crystal helps me focus on the point and then the vibration from the chant enhances the energy of the crystal on the point. I can really feel it “buzzing”

    • Hello Jules, and thanks for the comment! 🙂
      Great technique you’re using there with combining the two.
      I usually chant while doing the mudra, but I’ll try your way one day!
      I don’t think many realize the power of our own voice when it comes to spiritual progress.

      Have a great day over there.



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