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Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Third Eye chakra crystals can help you balance and empower the third eye very quickly.

Your third eye chakra is associated with intuition, psychic abilities, and connection with a deeper spiritual self.

Blockages in the third eye chakra can often lead to an individual feeling lost or confused about their path in life.

Alternatively, spiritual information or connections that they make during meditation may no longer make sense.

They may feel as though they are becoming confused by nonsense information or connections.

Bringing balance to your third eye chakra can be quite tricky if you feel lost and confused because it may be difficult for you to focus on the best way to unblock or bring balance back to your third eye chakra.

Thankfully, third eye chakra meditations combined with powerful healing crystals should slowly begin to help.

Keep reading to find out about seven third eye chakra crystals that are sure to help you.

7 Third Eye Chakra Crystals

1. Labradorite

third eye chakra crystals labradorite

Labradorite’s origin has a pretty fascinating myth attached to it. It is said that the Northern Lights were trapped in stone many years ago when an ancient Eskimo set them free towards the sky.

Legend has it that the Eskimo could not remove all of the light from the stones because some were too frozen, and these became known as Labradorite. 

Whether you believe that fable or not is not the point, it does help you understand why Labradorite is so often associated with the incredibly spiritual third eye chakra.

Using Labradorite during meditation can help you enhance your intuition to make the appropriate choices for your path in life. It also helps block out specific negative influences on your mood. 

As most people with psychic abilities are also incredibly empathetic, other people’s negative emotions can impact you. 

Using Labradorite can shield you from this.

2. Amethyst – The Best Third Eye Chakra Crystal?

third eye chakra crystals amethyst

Amethyst is so often associated with higher degrees of spirituality, so it’s an excellent crystal for helping you to become more in tune with your psychic abilities.

It’ll help you to recognize your intuition and ability to read a room or read a situation as something that would either be good or bad for you. 

These unexplained ‘gut feelings’ can be made much clearer by meditating with Amethyst, so you can understand the path that is best for you moving forwards.

3. Moldavite


If connecting to your spiritual side has been the main focus of your problems lately, then Moldavite can help you with that.

While it is also associated with the heart chakra, Moldavite can help you open yourself up to spiritual awakening. 

If you have felt as though you have struggled to focus on your spiritual path or connect with others on a more spiritual level lately, then quiet moments of mediation using Moldavite could prove to be useful. 

For an even more powerful effect, lie down and place Moldavite on your forehead, right where the third eye chakra lies. 

This will promote the healing energies you need to calm the mind and connect with your spiritual self.

4. Iolite


Even the most potent psychics sometimes struggle with noticing patterns in behavior or certain consistencies or inconsistencies with other people. Iolite is a powerful crystal that promotes these psychic abilities to improve your intuition better.

Using Iolite, you are welcoming transformative energies into your third eye chakra to awaken it, and you, to the patterns of behavior that are already all around you. 

Noticing these patterns can help you to connect yourself with your spiritual path moving forwards, so you can make decisions that are ultimately right for you. 

By opening your third eye to psychic abilities, you’ll be promoting feelings of self-trust within yourself so that you can rely more heavily on your intuition about specific people or scenarios.

5. Unakite


Unakite is one of the more interesting of the seven third eye chakra crystals listed here. It focuses on helping us understand information that has already been processed in the third eye.

Without realizing it, we may continuously trigger warnings within the third eye or positive feelings towards a given person or situation. 

But our lives are so often filled with so many other tasks that it’s sometimes easy for us to overlook our third eye’s intuition. 

By spending some time meditating with Unakite, we can process the information that the third eye chakra has collected throughout the day. 

If you’ve been particularly busy and found yourself navigating your life on autopilot, then stop for a moment and consider using Unakite. 

You may be able to work through some of your thoughts and feelings about specific things to make better sense of the decisions you need to make.

6. Hag Stone

hag stone

Visually, the Hag Stone is one of the most special stones that you can use. But it’s also one of the most protective stones for the third eye chakra too.

Sometimes we don’t have an imbalance in our third eye chakra, and our intuition and psychic abilities work just fine. 

In these cases, protection against psychic attacks of negative energies is key to retaining the balance in the third eye that you currently have. 

Hag Stone is excellent at this, as it helps surround your third eye chakra in protective energies that actively work to keep your chakra correctly aligned.

7. Black Obsidian – The Unlikely But Powerful Third Eye Chakra Crystal

third eye chakra crystals black obsidian

The reflective qualities of Black Obsidian are an excellent metaphor for how this crystal can help with your third eye chakra.

The crystal acts as a mirror, allowing us to see ourselves introspectively in a new light. 

Exploring our spiritual selves and understanding our path is integral to keeping the third eye chakra aligned because it is closely linked with our spiritual selves. 

Place Black Obsidian on the third eye while meditating, and you may learn something new about your spiritual self that can help you move forwards.The above seven third eye chakra crystals are all capable of helping you realign and bring balance to your third eye chakra for better psychic and spiritual understanding.

Learn more about awakening the third eye:

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