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Throat Chakra Crystals

In a very broad sense, the throat chakra is responsible for our self-expression, self-esteem, confidence, and ability to communicate effectively.

Occasionally, our throat chakra can become blocked by negative energies or need a cleansing meditation because we have not focused on it for some time.

In many ways, the universe can indicate that your throat chakra needs to be addressed because of difficulties communicating or issues with self-expression, confidence, and self-esteem.

If this is the case, then using crystals can help with the cleansing process to restore balance to your throat chakra once more.

Below are seven throat chakra crystals that will help you to restore balance to your throat chakra.

7 Throat Chakra Crystals

1. Turquoise

Turquoise healing crystal for throat chakra

One of the most effective healing crystals for the throat chakra is Turquoise. Merely looking at the beautiful blues and aqua of this breathtaking crystal will make you feel instantly calmer.

But using it during meditation can help boost your confidence levels and your ability to speak in public.

Turquoise is a beneficial crystal to use if you are in a position that requires you to lead. Turquoise can help calm you before big meetings and instill confidence before you have to speak with others.

A useful tip for Turquoise, and indeed any throat chakra crystal, is to meditate lying down with the stones placed on your throat (make sure they are small crystals, of course), which can promote healing energies to the throat chakra.

2. Aquamarine

aquamarine healing crystal throat chakra

Few crystals can help with your ability to express yourself in quite the way that Aquamarine can.

It has a long history of instilling confidence in its user and allowing you to express yourself more clearly to others, but also within yourself too.

Quiet moments of reflection with Aquamarine can highlight where you might want to change your behavior to align more closely with how you want to express yourself.

If you have found yourself being significantly stifled in your self-expression lately, whether in the workplace, at home, or in any other part of life, using Aquamarine might help you put things in perspective and bring balance to your throat chakra once more.

3. Amazonite

Amazonite is also known as the Stone of Truth, so you can imagine how useful this particular crystal is when dealing with communication issues you might be having.

Amazonite is a great crystal for expressing yourself clearly to others, and it helps you communicate calmly while remaining assertive, so you make sure that you get your point across.

Suppose you have been struggling to communicate effectively within any of your relationships, professional or personal.

In that case, Amazonite can be a great crystal to use while meditating to help you think more clearly about how you might progress and prevent yourself from being unable to say what you want to say.

4. Sodalite

sodalite healing crystal for throat chakra

If confidence is something you’ve been struggling with lately, then Sodalite can be an excellent crystal to help with this.

This crystal is so often linked with logic and clarity of thought, so you might be surprised to see this included on a list of 7 throat chakra crystals, but these more profound thoughts have a direct impact on our confidence.

When our throat chakra is blocked, it is difficult to access higher chakras concerned with thinking, logic, and higher spiritual selves.

By removing this blockage and allowing ourselves to think more deeply about who we are, we can learn to accept ourselves on a much more authentic level.

By then, going through life more comfortable in our skin, we are naturally more confident.

Confidence then leads to better communication, higher self-esteem, and an improved ability to express ourselves.

So while Sodalite might seem surprising at first, it’s one of the crystals on this list that has the most far-reaching impacts on the throat chakra.

5.Blue Tiger’s Eye

blue tigers eye pendant

Blue Tiger’s Eye is yet another all-rounder when it comes to the throat chakra.

The energies associated with this crystal are all incredibly soothing.

They tend to bring calm in even the most emotional situations, so it’s an excellent crystal to use during meditation if you are genuinely trying to bring calm to the storm of emotions that you might be going through.

From this place of calm, you are better able to tackle whatever is causing your feelings to be imbalanced.

After working through these emotional barriers, you will think creatively about your problems and then implement them with confidence moving forwards.

This, in turn, leads to better communication about the things you want and need and ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life for you to lead.

6. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla healing stone for throat chakra

Chrysocolla is one of the best healing crystals for the throat chakra because of its strengthening energies.

Rather than concentrating on calming emotions, the Chrysocolla crystal is a powerful crystal capable of strengthening our inner selves.

From this inner strength, we can navigate life with more confidence and a better ability to express ourselves as we indeed are.

Again, this leads to us living a more authentic life that better suits who we are and makes us feel fulfilled.

7.Blue Quartz

blue quartz crystali healing for throat chakra

Sometimes a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra can lead us to become someone challenging to communicate with.

It takes a tremendous amount of self-awareness to sit back and objectively say that sometimes, we are the problem that others have to deal with.

When we are difficult to communicate with, we might be overly spiteful or stubborn about a certain contention point.

Blue Quartz is an excellent crystal for dissolving this uncompromising attitude, allowing you to open communication channels again to find an agreeable resolution to the problem you are facing.

Hopefully, the above seven throat chakra crystals can bring some balance to your throat chakra again and help you deal with any issues you are currently facing due to a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra.

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