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7 Sacral Chakra Crystals

These seven crystals for your sacral chakra will help heal you.

Your sacral chakra is responsible for your creativity, positive sexual relations, and intimacy and well-being, although, of course, there are many other areas of your life that this chakra can have an impact upon.

If lately you have been feeling out of balance in your life, or as though you are restricted in your imagination or creative pursuits, then it may be the case that you need to focus on your sacral chakra in your next meditations.

That being said, these meditations can be helped along with the use of specific crystals that are known to promote certain cosmic healing energies – the sort of energies that you need to bring balance to your sacral chakra.

Below you will find seven sacral chakra crystals that will benefit you as you try to get more positive energies into your life.

Top 7 Crystals For The Sacral Chakra

1. Orange Calcite: One of the Best Crystals For Sacral Chakra

orange calcite sacral chakra crystal

One of the most reliable crystals for the sacral chakra is Orange Calcite.

This crystal is known for its ability to repel negative energies, so any energy currently causing an imbalance in your sacral chakra should stop affecting you if you keep Orange Calcite nearby.

It’s also known for its ability to promote more positive energies.

These energies usually allow you more opportunities for creativity, sexuality, and sensuality by bringing more balance to your emotional state.

2. Sunstone

sunstone for chakral chakra

As you can probably already imagine, with a name like Sunstone, this crystal is known for its bright and warm energies that envelop its user, especially in moments of deep meditation.

This is an excellent crystal to run through your fingers as you meditate and try to bring more positive energy to your sacral chakra.

It generally leaves individuals feeling relaxed long after the meditation is over, promoting confidence and self-worth.

These increases in overwhelmingly positive emotions directly impact your ability to think creatively and be more intimate in your relationships.

As you know, it’s challenging to be creative and personal when we feel low about ourselves, so the increase in self-worth helps you to live a positive life.

3. Orange Moonstone

orange moonstone for sacral chakra

If the Sunstone is known for the ability to bring warmth and vibrancy into a person’s life, then the Orange Moonstone is known for its calming and stilling energies.

The Sun and Moon are always opposites, and so are the stones named after them. The Orange Moonstone is an excellent crystal to keep with you always if you are experiencing a moment of emotional upheaval in your life.

It can bring calm to you and help still the unsettling energies that are causing an imbalance in your sacral chakra. It can help lift any emotions that are causing you to view yourself and your life’s path negatively by encouraging calming energies.

These energies will embrace you all day long if you keep the Orange Moonstone close by to increase your overall emotional well-being.

4. Golden Citrine

golden citrine

Suppose your emotional complexities are slightly more focused than just a general feeling of discontent.

In that case, the Golden Citrine crystal is excellent for targeting specific negative emotions and replacing them with optimism.

If you have been feeling angry in particular lately, but specifically in relation to an area of your life that involves an intimate relationship or a creative pursuit, then you will find that Golden Citrine is capable of removing these negative emotions and filling you with optimism for your future.

This change in mindset can lead to beautiful changes in your life, including a new and deeper appreciation of your intimate relationships and a renewed passion for your creative endeavors.

5. Amber


The Amber crystal is created from fossilized tree resin.

This naturally carries a certain energy that can help center an individual in the same way that an ancient oak’s roots center the old tree to its spot in the woods.

This calming and vital energy is great for tackling any issues you have with your sacral chakra because this chakra is said to be located at the center of your lower belly, just below the navel.

It stands to reason then that the centralizing energy that is so often connected to Amber is an excellent way of bringing positive energies into your life that specifically relate to the sacral chakra.

This can help alleviate any problems relating to creativity, sexuality, or imagination.

6. Peach Aventurine

peach aventurine

The Peach Aventurine crystal is one of the more calming crystals out there too.

Using this during a simple sacral chakra meditation at the start of your day can inspire creativity throughout the day as you continue forth from your meditation with a calmed mind that can better think creatively and tackle challenges you face in a new and exciting way.

It’s great for bringing emotional balance into your life too, so if you feel incredibly stressed or anxious lately, Peach Aventurine can promote energies that will help you deal with it.

7. Fire Agate

fire agate svadisthana sacral healing

This crystal is known for its protective properties.

Using this during meditation and then keeping it with you throughout the day can give you a powerful feeling of being surrounded by protective energies that can very much be visualized as a protective ring of fire.

This protection is great for people who feel particularly anxious or worried about a creative pursuit such as acting, performing, or creating.

The protective energies that surround you with Fire Agate can help you with your confidence as you tackle your creative pursuit so that you know that you are producing your highest quality work.

This is also great at promoting sexuality within the individual because it can allow us to feel protected against energies that might affect our performance romantically.

Find Your Own Favorite Crystal For Your Sacral Chakra

The above seven sacral chakra crystals can help bring positive energies your way that will directly impact your sacral chakra.

If you’re unsure about which crystal is right for you, it can be as simple as choosing the one that you are most drawn to.

Subconsciously, your sacral chakra may be driving your choice because it knows what energies it needs to become balanced once more.

Learn more about the seven chakras!

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