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5 Heart Chakra Meditations

As you probably already know, the heart chakra is associated with our capacity to love, not only others but ourselves.

Though, people don’t necessarily know that there are different types of meditations that one can use to focus on balancing your heart chakra.

Now, many of these go by other names, so I’ll try to take you through 5 heart chakra meditations in the more general sense so that you know what to focus on during your meditation. You can find lots of helpful guided meditations online, too, if you feel as though you aren’t quite ready to meditate alone, and many of them focus on the different chakras.

Below is a list of 5 heart chakra meditations that you can try at home next time you’re meditating.

1. Everyday Heart Chakra Meditations

These meditations tend to focus on the everyday things that we can do to keep our heart chakra balanced and keep ourselves open to love in all its forms.

These meditations are great to do early in the morning, after just waking, so that you set yourself up for the day and open yourself up to opportunities for appreciating love.

These meditations often only need to last for 5 to 10 minutes and focus mainly on welcoming heart chakra energy into your life.

You can do this in various ways, such as allowing the warmth you feel around you to envelop you and visualizing that warm energy entering your heart and opening it up to love.

You might also wish to breathe deeply while recognizing the love you already have in your life while inviting even more into it too.

If it helps, you can even place your hand over your heart and visualize heart energy moving from your heart around your body, in much the same way that your heart helps to pump your blood around your body.

Focusing on these physical sensations can help realign your heart chakra and balance it throughout the day.

heart chakra meditation hand on heart

Placing one hand on the heart is a great way to send healing energy to the heart chakra.

2. Healing Heart Chakra Meditations

Healing heart chakra meditations tend to be meditations that focus solely on one’s self-love.

If you have found yourself being especially hard on yourself lately or being overly critical of your capacity to love, these meditations are a great way to focus on yourself.

It’s important to remember that your heart chakra can become unbalanced through failing to practice self-love, just as much as it can from neglecting to love others.

These meditations need only last as long as you desire. If you have found yourself neglecting self-love, this is the perfect excuse to extend your meditation time and start to appreciate the wondrous being that is you.

Try to think and speak affirmations that are positive towards you. “I love others,” “I am worthy,” or “I am lovable” are all great places to start, but if you think of any others that you can incorporate into your meditation, then that’s OK too.

Healing heart chakra meditations should focus on you, so keep your thoughts directed towards loving yourself and allow yourself the opportunity to explore emotions you may have been neglecting to address too.

3. Yam Heart Chakra Meditations

One of the most common forms of heart chakra meditations, yam meditation, focuses on chanting to balance the heart chakra.

During times of stress, uncertainty, or pain directly related to love and the heart chakra, yam meditations are a powerful way to make yourself feel in control of your emotions again and start the healing process that will eventually lead to balance your heart chakra once more.

These meditations focus on clearing one’s mind off their worries and concentrate instead on that single word and mantra: yam.

Saying it out loud in long stretched out syllables can provide a deep inner focus on your heart chakra and help bring some control back into your life.

Yam meditations don’t only need to be used in times of emotional crisis though, practicing yam meditations for your heart chakra is a great habit to get into regardless.

mantra and mudra chakra healing chart

Here are all the mantras and mudras you need to do chakra healing. For the heart chakra you’ll use the Yam-mantra with the mudra displayed in the chart.

4. Intimacy Heart Chakra Meditations

Meditations that focus on intimacy within relationships are a great way to feel more connected to your romantic partner and help keep your heart chakra balanced to always open to intimacy within your relationship.

There is a range of meditations out there that focus on this, and even some specifically designed for couples to complete together.

These meditations aim to bring you closer to romantic partners by encouraging energies into your heart, the chakra that focuses explicitly on mutual love and intimacy.

Generally speaking, these meditations focus on recognizing energies that surround us and link us to everybody in the universe. 

By channeling these energies towards another person, we let the universe know that we accept that person’s love and open to the intimacy that this brings.

5. Supportive Heart Chakra Meditations

This meditation category doesn’t focus on self-love, romantic love, healing, or welcoming new love into our lives; these meditations focus on recognizing the supportive love that already surrounds us.

While meditating, turn your thoughts to the vast amount of supportive love you already have in your life. This can be anything from partners, family, friends, co-workers, all the way through to the universe itself supporting you and everyone in it with cosmic energies.

The point here is to take a moment during meditation to recognize what we already have because this opens up our hearts to accepting more of it.

Still, it makes us grateful for what we already have and encourages our heart chakra to remain balanced.

Use The Meditation That Speaks To You

So, that’s five heart chakra meditations that can help you focus on all of the aspects that the heart chakra is responsible for.

By completing heart chakra meditations focussing on one or all of the above categories, you are sure to bring balance to your heart chakra and get even more love and contentment into your life!

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