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Heart Chakra Crystals

The heart chakra is most responsible for love and compassion towards ourselves and others. It helps us feel confident and provides us with high self-esteem.

The thing about the heart chakra that is important to note is that just as our hearts are susceptible to break when exposed to negative emotions, the heart chakra is vulnerable to negative cosmic energies capable of causing an imbalance.

This imbalance can lead to feelings of low self-esteem and low confidence or as though we are stunted somehow in our capacity to love others and ourselves.

If you combine certain crystals with some of the heart chakra mediation techniques we have previously discussed, you will feel more balanced.

So, here are seven heart chakra crystals that can help you with that.

My Top 7 Heart Chakra Crystals

1. Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystal for heart chakra healing

It will probably come as no surprise that this gorgeous crystal is towards the top of the list, given its baby pink colors and sometimes iridescent qualities.

If you need a crystal that can help you in the love department, then Rose Quartz is a great way to help open your heart chakra for deepening your connections with others in a romantic and compassionate sense.

If you feel as though your romantic pursuits have been slightly shallow lately, use this powerful crystal during your next meditation, and you will notice a change in your outlook.

Rose Quartz can remove negative energies that may affect you and replace them with energies that promote love and healing.

2. Rhodonite

heart chakra crystal rhodonite for heart chakra crystal

This crystal is perfect for the heart chakra for two reasons. Rhodonite has two different names, and they each offer a unique thing to the heart chakra to help restore balance.

The first of these names refer to its ability to restore emotional balance in its user.

When facing a difficult period in your relationship with anybody (romantic or not), Rhodonite can help you understand both sides of the argument and promote feelings of forgiveness and a willingness to communicate and heal any emotional rifts.

The second name refers to self-love, so Rhodonite can remove negative self-doubt and fears and replace them with confidence and higher self-esteem levels.

If you are going through a difficult patch in a relationship, keep Rhodonite to hand to help increase your confidence and understanding so that you can find a peaceful resolution.

3. Amazonite

heart chakra crystal amazonite for healing the heart chakra

Although you could be forgiven for thinking that the heart chakra is most closely related to reds and pinks when it comes to crystals that will help restore balance, the vibrant green Amazonite should not be overlooked because green is the dominant color associated with the heart chakra.

This crystal is incredibly powerful, and although it has links to the throat chakra, it has some powerful effects on the heart chakra.

Amazonite is so powerful that it can remove any blockages that you might face in your heart chakra.

These blockages could be leading to difficulties in your ability to communicate romantically or on a deeper, more intimate level.

By ridding yourself of these blockages, you can better improve your ability to speak openly and honestly, with love at the center of your motivations. Amazonite can often be found in jewelry.

If you have struggled with communicating in romantic relationships for a while, you may wish to wear a necklace or something similar to promote better communication daily.

4. Rhodochrosite

heart chakra crystal Rhodochrosite healing crystal

This is a unique crystal because its variants in terms of colors might better suit different chakras.

For the heart chakra, look for the pink variety of Rhodochrosite. This crystal is a powerful healer of past wounds.

The heart chakra may be imbalanced by romantic relationships that have gone wrong in the past.

While you might be feeling as though your past wounds have healed, your heart chakra may still be affected by negative energies that are causing you to be unable to lead a genuinely fulfilling, love-filled life.

Use Rhodochrosite as you meditate, and in your more profound state of relaxation, allow yourself to explore past mistakes and past emotional upheaval; by doing so with Rhodochrosite close by you, you may reveal to yourself an issue that needs resolving before you can move on romantically and be truly satisfied.

5. Emerald

Emerald healing precious stone for heart

Suppose you are still searching for love with a deep connection and unconditional support.

In that case, Emerald is an excellent crystal to use to bring forth opportunities that may blossom into a successful love. It has an uncanny ability to bring wisdom to an individual and wisdom related to romantic love.

If you wear Emerald (it is a popular choice for jewelry – perhaps one of the most popular options out there), it may stimulate ‘gut feelings’ about specific individuals. You will be drawn to people with energies that match your own and repelled by those who would not benefit you personally.

Of course, this would help develop new friendships, but if you are looking for a new romantic partner that will satisfy your need for love in the best possible way, Emerald can undoubtedly go some way with helping you there.

6. Moldavite

heart chakra crystal healer Moldavite

Moldavite is a unique crystal because rather than showing you who might be right for you romantically, it can show you what might be.

If you are unsure about the things you need from a romantic partner, moments of deep meditation with Moldavite may help. 

It may help bring forth your true desires, beyond just the physical attributes you might be looking for. It can reveal what you need on a deeply spiritual and emotional level, meaning you can better surround yourself with people with similar qualities to those you are looking for.

From there, it is much more likely that you will find a love that is perfect for you.

7. Green Aventurine

heart chakra crystal green aventurine

The road to true love can often be winding and unpredictable, but Green Aventurine may help.

This crystal is a true all-rounder, capable of bringing emotional calm to the user, promoting feelings of self-confidence and higher self-esteem, and all while promoting perseverance.

So, if you are looking for love but want to love yourself a little deeper in the meantime, Green Aventurine is excellent. And it’ll help you to keep pursuing the passion that you are looking for with patience.

Heart Chakra Crystals Benefits

The seven heart chakra crystals above can help you with romantic love, self-love, and general feelings of compassion and empathy.

Remember that if you love yourself and allow yourself to be filled with confidence in your pursuits, you will be attracting the right sort of people your way, all while feeling great about yourself.

And that might be the most important thing of all.

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