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Cherubim Angels – Protectors of God’s Throne

Cherubim angels are celestial beings identified in the Bible as having a unique role among other angels — they serve as guardians of God’s presence, throne, and glory. They are also described as having wings and being powerful protectors of God’s will and His people.

The Bible mentions several roles for cherubim angels, including guardians of the Garden of Eden, protectors of God’s presence in heaven, and messengers between God and humans.

Attributes and Powers

According to scripture, cherubim angels possess numerous divine attributes such as omniscience (all-knowing), omnipresence (everywhere), omnipotence (all-powerful), and holiness. They are also said to be incredibly powerful, possessing supernatural strength and the ability to cast out evil forces.

Role in Creation and Protection

In the Bible, cherubim angels are described as having a special role in creation — they were appointed by God as guardians of His throne and glory as well as protectors of His will on Earth. As protectors, they serve as intermediaries between God and humans, helping to enforce His commands and guide people along a righteous path.

Role of Cherubim Angels in Scripture

The garden of Eden. Digital artwork. Tree grows in the middle of the garden with water surrounding it. Statues of man and woman stand next to the tree.

In the Bible – The Bible mentions several instances where cherubim angels play an important role, including their involvement in protecting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, their placement at the entrance of God’s throne in heaven, and their roles as messengers between God and humans.

In Jewish and Christian Traditions

In Jewish and Christian traditions, cherubim angels are viewed as powerful symbols of protection that guard against evil forces and represent divine love. They are also seen as heavenly guardians who watch over people to ensure they stay on the righteous path.

The Bible mentions several instances where cherubim angels served as messengers between God and His people, delivering messages from Heaven or guiding them along a righteous path when necessary.

Scriptural References to Cherubim in the Bible

The Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is filled with references to cherubim. In the book of Genesis, cherubim are positioned at the entrance of Eden to guard the Tree of Life with a flaming sword. Psalm 18:10 states “He rode on a cherub and flew; he soared on the wings of the wind.” Isaiah 6:2-7 also speaks of seraphim and cherubim in Heaven singing praises to God.

In Ezekiel 10, they are described as having four faces: an ox, lion, eagle and man, representing the four directions and elements. Additionally, Revelation 4:8 mentions four living creatures functioning as heavenly guardians around the throne room of God.

Revelation 4:8 mentions creatures that protect the throne room of God.

Appearance of Cherubim

The many faces of the Cherubim. Man, lion, eagle.

Traditionally, cherubim are said to take on the form of angels or appear as winged beasts. When appearing in their angelic form, they appear much like humans with wings and may be clothed in gold or blue garments, signifying holiness. As winged beasts, they often take on animal forms such as an eagle or a bull.

However some accounts also describe them as a being that is composed of both animals and human parts, such as having four faces; two of them human and two of them animals. It’s important to note that it’s an impossible task to confirm this since divine angelic forces may take on different shapes depending on who they show themselves to.

What do Cherubim Do? 

Cherubim have many roles in angelology, including working as heavenly protectors for God and humanity. They are said to act as guardians of sacred spaces and symbolize divine wisdom and justice. In some traditions, they are considered to be messengers of God, here to deliver prayers and act as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth.

As spiritual beings, cherubim can provide guidance to humanity on the path toward enlightenment. Additionally, they may offer comfort during difficult times by emanating feelings of hope, love, peace, and joy.

The Symbolism of Cherubim Angels

Cherubim angels are often seen as symbols of protection, power, and divine love. In religious artwork and literature, the four faces of cherubim symbolize different aspects of God’s character — strength, wisdom, knowledge, and mercy. Additionally, their wings represent His presence surrounding us in times of need and comfort.

Overview of Artistic Representations Through Time

Cherubim have appeared frequently in artwork since ancient times. Ancient Mesopotamian bas-reliefs depict winged creatures with lion’s heads – perhaps some of the earliest representations of cherubs before they were officially mentioned in Jewish texts centuries later. This style was adopted by many other civilizations, such as Assyrians and Babylonians, who used it to depict divine figures like Zeus, Ishtar, Marduk, etc.

In later years during the Renaissance era and beyond, artworks began to feature more humanoid depictions of these celestial beings with more pronounced luminescent wings – like resembling guardian angels watching over us from above. Despite this shift in art style, however, certain symbolic elements still remained, albeit modified – such as the inclusion of traditional shields representing divine power or curved mandorlas indicating protection or wisdom bestowed upon mankind by these divine forms.

How to Meditate on the Cherubim

Meditating on the cherubim can be a powerful way to connect with divine wisdom. When beginning your meditation, envision yourself in the presence of a cherub and imagine its wings surrounding you in a peaceful embrace. Allow yourself to feel safe, loved, and supported as you sink into this meditative state. Focus on its message of protection and trust in the divine wisdom that is being shared with you.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and reflect on your experience. Ask yourself what insight was revealed to you during this meditation, and take time to write down any messages or feelings that came up for you. Finally, make an effort to carry these lessons with you as you move forward in your spiritual journey.

By cultivating a relationship with the cherubim, we can access deeper levels of understanding and gain valuable insight into our own lives, helping us to navigate difficult times and find peace within ourselves. As timeless guardians of Heaven and Earth, cherubim are here to remind us that divine love is always within reach. By embracing their message of protection and divine wisdom, we can move closer to a life of spiritual fulfillment.

3 Prayers to the Cherubim

1. “Oh, beloved cherubim angels, I thank you for always watching over me and protecting me on my life journey. Encircle me in your strength and love so that I may remain safe from harm. Guide my path with divine wisdom, and help me to stay connected to the Source of all creation.”

2. “Cherubim angels, I pray for guidance during this difficult time. Help me to make wise decisions and move forward with grace and courage in order to reach my highest potential. Shine your light upon me so that I may find peace within myself and clarity in all matters.”

3. “Blessed cherubim angels, I pray for strength and courage to face the unknown. Help me to surrender my worries and trust in the divine plan, knowing that I am never alone. Fill me with your love so that I may live a life of joy and abundance.”

May these prayers bring you comfort, peace, and love. May the cherubim always be your faithful guardians. Amen.

Symbolism Behind Cherubim Representations

Throughout history, there has always been two common themes among all interpretations and renderings of cherubic figures – serenity and protection, which reflect their mission commissioned by God himself according to scripture – ‘to guard sacred places’.

With each render, however, there is also subtle composition differences meant to capture different attributes associated with these heavenly hosts, such as strength (lion face), intelligence & noble purpose (ox face), knowledge & intuition (eagle face) and creativity & reasonability (human face). Similarly, wings have also come to symbolize elevation into higher spiritual realms; painting them on Christian figures often meant signifying ascension into heaven after death or advancement towards a closer connection with God himself.

A Final Word on Cherubim

The Bible paints a vivid picture of cherubim angels — mysterious yet powerful heavenly beings who serve as guardians of God’s presence in heaven and messengers between Heaven and Earth. Although we may not fully understand their purpose or roles, it is comforting to know that these celestial protectors are watching over us and helping to guide us through life’s challenges. No matter what obstacles may come our way, we can find comfort in knowing that cherubim angels are near.

Cherubim are powerful celestial beings that bring messages of divine love, protection, and wisdom to humankind. From ancient Mesopotamian artifacts depicting lion-headed figures to the more modern depictions of winged humanoid forms, these divine messengers have long inspired us to reach our highest potential.

By meditating on the cherubim and offering up prayers of gratitude, we can tap into their energy and access deeper levels of understanding that will help carry us through life’s journey. May we always be blessed with the love and protection of these heavenly guardians.

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