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7 Root Chakra Crystals

Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is responsible for your safety and security feelings by providing you with a foundation for life.

If you have been experiencing problems lately around your place in life, such as feeling as though you are not in the right place in life or becoming less secure in your purpose, your root chakra may be unbalanced.

The first thing you’ll probably think of for realigning the root chakra is meditation, which is a great way to bring balance back to your root chakra.

However, most people overlook the benefits of crystals while meditating to bring balance to your chakras. Crystals can be an excellent way of welcoming the right sort of energy into your life to bring balance to your chakras again.

Below is a list of 7 root chakra crystals that’ll help restore balance to this vital chakra!

7 Crystals (and Stones) for the Root Chakra

1. Bloodstone

bloodstone for root chakra

If you do any research into root chakra crystals, Bloodstone will come up time and time again. It is a notoriously powerful healer that is great at restoring balance to your root chakra

This crystal is most often associated with instilling a sense of confidence, power, and fearlessness in an individual, so it’s excellent for those questioning their place in life.

If you try Bloodstone during your next root chakra meditation, you might be surprised by how much clearer things seem afterward.

The powerful energy that Bloodstone provides has an excellent way of helping you see that you are right where you ought to be.

2. Red Jasper

red jasper root chakra healing

This bright red crystal is known for its nurturing energy, and sometimes that is precisely what you need to bring balance to your root chakra.

It’s great at helping an individual deal with any particular challenges or obstacles that they face. 

Red Jasper also has a reputation for motivating a person. Perhaps your root chakra is feeling particularly unbalanced during a time of uncertainty, such as a change in your job or another life event.

The Red Jasper is the perfect crystal to help you face those challenges head-on with a motivation to see your new change through to the end so that you’re happy with your position in life once more.

3. Carnelian


Carnelian crystals can be either bright red or bright orange, but both varieties carry specific energy pertaining to willpower. In times of difficulty, it can be easy to succumb to your emotional imbalances and start to feel in a low mood throughout the day.

Carnelian is a great crystal during these times because it provides you with the willpower to fight against your problems and eventually put yourself in a position you want.

It’s also great at lighting the fire of creativity within oneself so that they can think passionately and creatively about solutions to their problems.

This is an excellent grounding crystal because it helps you to realize your potential in facing personal challenges.

4. Black Tourmaline


This crystal is well known for its jet black color, so it may not be your first choice when thinking about the root chakra, as it is so often a chakra that is synonymous with the color red.

However, the Black Tourmaline crystal carries positive energy capable of removing any negative energies that may be within you. It’s perfect at grounding an individual by replacing their negative attitudes with positive ones.

If you are uncertain in your life and the path you are on, then Black Tourmaline is perfect for helping you see more clearly that you are doing the right thing or in the right place.

5. Hematite


There are few crystals more capable of grounding you in reality than Hematite. Like Black Tourmaline, it is capable of removing negative energies and replacing them with positive ones.

Still, it’s great to create distance between yourself and any uncertain or anxious feelings, so it helps you look at the challenges you face more rationally.

This means that obstacles to your root chakra like anxiety or worry over certain aspects of your life can be removed, helping you focus on where you are in the here and now.

After all, the best way to remain grounded in life is to focus on the present and the actions you can do right now to make your own and other people’s lives better.

6. Garnet


Garnet crystals can come in a range of colors but focus on using red ones for the root chakra.

The Garnet crystal’s real gift is in its ability to draw vital energy from the universe into the root chakra to provide it with stimulation. 

People with underactive root chakras may feel they need to seek constant approval, be extremely anxious or cautious, or avoid social situations altogether.

Using a Garnet crystal during meditation, or even carrying it with you throughout the day, can help provide energy to your root chakra, eventually combatting these symptoms.

7. Poppy Jasper

poppy jasper

Image provided by Geosciences LibreTexts.

Poppy Jasper serves as an almost opposite to the Garnet crystal, in that Poppy Jasper is famous for its ability to bring peace. It’s excellent at calming an overactive root chakra

Those with overactive root chakras may be aggressive, impulsive, or hyperactive, so Poppy Jasper’s ability to bring serenity to these individuals helps restore balance to the root chakra.

Above is a list of 7 root chakra crystals and stones to bring balance to your root chakra. The critical thing to remember is that crystals carry some excellent positive energies that will impact your root chakra, but they work differently.

If you find that one of the crystals isn’t providing you with the changes you were hoping to see, then try another, and you’ll indeed find a crystal capable of bringing balance to your root chakra.

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