5 Crown Chakra Meditations

5 crown chakra meditations

The crown chakra is our connection to the spiritual world. It provides us with wisdom, enlightenment, and intuition.

There are, however, many different meditations that you can do to focus on keeping your crown chakra balanced.

Below is a list of 5 crown chakra meditations that may help you balance this particular chakra.

Remember, though, the five listed below are very general and are only intended to be used as a guide for how you might focus on addressing different aspects of the crown chakra in your meditations.

There are plenty of specific meditations out there, some of which are guided, and you must find the ones that work best for you.

Hopefully, this general guide of 5 crown chakra meditations will be able to point you in the right direction though and give you a good idea about where to start with your at home crown chakra meditations.

1.Overactive Crown Chakra Meditations

Individuals who have overactive crown chakras may find themselves feeling mostly ungrounded in their day to day lives.

And we might find that people struggle to take them and their commitments seriously as they tend to go about their lives quite carelessly.

Suppose you find yourself in this situation, or others have pointed this out to you. In that case, you might want to consider crown chakra meditations specifically designed to bring overactive crown chakras back under control.

These meditations focus on grounding an individual by welcoming energies into your crown chakra associated with finding purpose and connecting with one's true desires.

Trying these meditations daily ought to bring your overactive crown chakra back into balance.

2. Underactive Crown Chakra Meditations

If you have found yourself feeling fatigued, as though you have lost your purpose in life, or as though you are struggling to come by new ideas and create new ways of thinking about problems, then you may have an underactive crown chakra.

Meditations to help deal with this should focus on your connectivity with the universe through cosmic energies.

Recognizing that this energy surrounds us, envelops all life, and connects us with our real purpose should bring our underactive crown chakras under control.

Try thinking or saying aloud statements such as, "I am connected to all life," "I am meeting my true purpose," or "I have the energy to chase my desires."

These statements help us to connect with the universe and set ourselves up for success.

3. Visualisation Crown Chakra Meditations

These meditations all tend to focus on visualizing a ball of white energy or light just above our heads.

However, some will invite you to imagine things such as a lotus flower, amongst other things.

The exact image that you are visualizing does not necessarily matter; what matters is that we are focusing on energies.

The point of these exercises is to remind us of the life that surrounds us and to help us to direct that energy towards our crown chakra.

These meditations tend to focus on imagining the ball of energy growing and growing, creating physical sensations such as tingling along our skin.

These meditations will often end in allowing this energy to bathe our entire bodies, emanating from the crown chakra and filling us with knowledge, wisdom, and intuition.

With the lotus flower visualizations, you may be asked to visualize peeling back the petals one by one to invite more understanding into your life.

These meditations are a great way to welcome positive energies into our crown chakra to keep it balanced and keep us grounded in our pursuit of further knowledge.

4. Inviting Wisdom Crown Chakra Meditations

Meditations surrounding wisdom and our crown chakras tend to involve connecting ourselves to the universe through deep meditation.

Only once we have achieved this state can we connect ourselves to the universe and make clear our desires for more wisdom.

These sorts of meditations border on manifesting, but the main reason for them isn't necessarily to bring more insight into our lives (though these meditations can help with that too) but instead recognizing the wisdom we already have.

Statements such as "I am wise," "I am intuitive," or "I am analytical" can all help us to recognize our abilities on a much deeper level so that even our subconscious mind is connected to the idea that we are wise.

This feeling of wisdom is a great way to balance our crown chakras if we have been overly critical of our analytical abilities or intelligence lately.

These meditations can often be incredibly healing after an unexpected failure or disappointment in our academic or work life.

5. Om/Ang Crown Chakra Meditations

These meditations focus on saying the phrase om or ang. There is some debate in the field about which one is more effective, but these two phrases are interchangeable, and both help us connect to our crown chakra.

By saying om or ang with elongated syllables as we sit in otherwise silent meditation, we allow ourselves to focus only on our crown chakra.

Trying to heal too many chakras at the same time is an almost impossible task.

crown chakra 5 meditations

Crown chakra symbol with om symbol in the middle.

Reserving the phrase om or ang, whichever you prefer, for meditations explicitly focusing on the crown chakra is a great way to tap into the energies that will best serve us balance the crown chakra and remind us to focus solely on that. 

While meditating, these phrases will help us keep our focus and encourage us to connect with our crown chakras on a deep level.

Our five crown chakra meditations list ends here, but remember that this general guide is not a complete list.

You may also benefit from crown chakra affirmations.

If you find that these five types of meditations do not address your specific problem, you can always find more.

What matters most is that you focus on bringing balance to your crown chakra in a meaningful and helpful way.

Only then can you be sure that your meditations are achieving the results that you are hoping for.

Jon André Lundal

I am a spiritual practitioner that focuses on Kundalini Yoga and chakra work. I have been studying and practicing yoga for over 15 years. I am passionate about helping people to connect with their divine nature and live their lives in alignment with their highest purpose.

Jon André Lundal

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