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35 Root Chakra Affirmations

Today we’re going to help you heal the root chakra with 35 root chakra affirmations. If you wish to skip directly to the affirmations, you will find the table of contents below helpful.

Positive affirmations and yoga are the two things that you need to practice in daily life. They help you to guide your intense emotions such as fear and anxiety in a nice and subtle way.

However, to take your positive affirmations much further ahead, you should learn to balance your chakra.

When you discover the healing powers of each chakra, it can change your life forever. Balancing the chakra improves your spiritual and physical well-being.

There are lots of chakras that you can activate. But, it is better to put emphasis the on seven major chakras.

These seven chakras are energy centers situated in different parts of your body.

Understanding about their location and discovering the role of every chakra is exciting and empowers necessary steps in improving your well-being.

But you may feel clueless where, to begin with. In this article, you will learn how to activate root chakra affirmations and perform the best healing exercises.

chakra affirmations root stones

Words Are Powerful

Just look at the words written on the stones above. Each word carries its own vibration as well as connotations.

The words we feed into our minds are taken into our souls and subconscious mind. Therefore, it’s important to choose only the best words.

Whether we believe in affirmations being a mental thing or a spiritual thing makes little difference.

We have all experienced how draining negative words can be. That’s why it’s easy to see how positive words do the opposite!

Positive words can rejuvenate your spirit and soul. Words can heal.

Intro to the Root Chakra

Before we get to the affirmations, it’s important we learn a little bit about the chakra itself.

As aforementioned, the seven chakras constitute the core energy centers of your body.

You can find them throughout your entire body, right from the crown to the bottom part of your body.

Chakra is a word derived from Sanskrit which means disc or wheel. That’s because of the flow of energy through the chakras.

Every chakra represents a separate color and name. They correspond to some vibrational frequencies.

Hence, each of them is connected to certain experiences or emotions. Sometimes the chakras may get imbalanced.

The root chakra, for instance, is a symbol of survival instinct and security.

An imbalance in this chakra can result in distrust in others and anxiety.

The physical symptom of root chakra imbalance results in gut problems.

When everything goes fine with this chakra, you feel calm, anchored, and secured in life. You can take up any challenge and perform it with confidence.

This chakra plays an important role while pursuing major decisions in life.

How Affirmations Can Help Balance the Root Chakra

As you know chakras are the energy centers in your body. Each of the chakras has different attributes. They were described first in the ancient Vedic manuscripts from India.

The chakras are also associated with various yogic practices. That’s why you may have first heard about them from your vinyasa instructor.

When you have a balanced chakra, you can derive happiness and good health.

There are seven different chakras and each of them has its own potential benefits. But more to that, each chakra denotes a different kind of energy.

They are believed to vibrate at separate frequencies and gives off variant colors.

But, when the chakras are not aligned, the energy won’t flow smoothly throughout your body. As such, physical ailments, emotions, and negative thoughts show up.

The chakra energy comes from whatever power you tend to believe in. Each of the life-forces can be under-stimulated, overstimulated, and balanced.

One of the best ways to balance the chakras is to use affirmations. Words are a source of energy.

Hence thinking about a particular thing can send energy to the chakras. This way, it can balance them, overstimulate them, or block them. Affirmations can give you miraculous results within a short time.

Chakra affirmations are the potent recitations that help attain the real balance between a range of energies.

It can be a bit difficult for beginners because they haven’t practiced meditation earlier.

However, as you make progress, you can notice your mind attaining the balance between outside and inside.

How to Use Root Chakra Affirmations

When it is about chakra cleansing, affirmations play an integral part and provides the most effective tools you can have at your hand. You may think about why it is so.

That’s because your thoughts tend to create a reality. And, then the affirmations help you to get into a positive frame of mind.

And, everybody knows what happens when the mind gets filled with positive things.

When you are in a positive state, it generates positive energy. This energy flows through the chakras and clears out the blockages along its way.

There are several theories explaining this phenomenon, and it gets better with the passing of time.

One of the popular belief is that the positive affirmations are aligned to the healing energy flow in the universe.

This makes it easy for things to manifest and flow through your life. There is another western explanation about this as well.

The BEST Way to Use Affirmations

Don’t just think of the affirmations as words.

Take them to heart.

Let them be spoken as prayers in your heart.

In time you will get closer to the energy they hold.

At first, the affirmation and it’s energy may seem far away, but simply keep at it.

chakra prayer affirmations

Because of positive affirmations, you always focus your emotions and attention only on positivity.

This way, you manifest plenty of positivity in your life. Hence, when you succeed in opening your chakras, your mind gets opened as well. To start practicing, find a quiet place first.

Try to get comfortable and concentrate on the location of the chakra.

Now, you need to meditate or say on the affirmation and visualize the exact color of the chakra you are working on.

Focus your mind and imagine that the chakra color flows through the chakra space while you repeat the said affirmation. You need to put yourself deep in the feeling and try to feel the affirmative words.

When to Use Affirmations

The most useful way through which you can feel the need to use chakra affirmations is to pay heed to your emotions.

These may include certain feelings, actions, thoughts, and physical sensations throughout your body. Here are some symptoms that you need to look out for:

  • You have trust issues with almost every people.
  • You hold the belief that you are the only person to rely upon. You don’t ask for favors from other people, even when you are in dire need of them.
  • You tend to work more than an average person. As such, you burn out easily.
  • You don’t have a healthy relationship with your own family.
  • You harbor the feeling that it is never enough to get around, and that’s why you have to fight for what you love and want.
  • You are very hyperactive about receiving threats from other people or from your surroundings.
  • You are terrified because of loss of control.
  • You often feel disconnected from nature and people.
  • You find it scary and difficult to be yourself around other people.
  • You feel ungrounded, spacey, dizzy, and anxious during the entire day.
  • You tend to become a hoarder who collects unnecessary things and makes your living space cluttered and constricted.
  • When you get depressed, you stop eating or binge-eat.
  • You have feet and leg issues such as poor blood circulation, cramps, infection, and swelling.
  • You begin to gain weight rapidly.
  • You become obsessed with money.

35 Root Chakra Affirmations

Here is a list of thirty-five root chakra affirmations that can make your life more positive.

Use them with a strong intention to heal and balance the root chakra. You will get results.

  1. ​​​​I am abundant
  2. I am prosperous
  3. I am safe
  4. I am stable
  5. I am powerful
  6. I am grounded
  7. I am courageous
  8. I am successful
  9. I am in control
  10. I am confident
  11. I am at peace with myself
  12. I am nurtured and protected
  13. I have prosperity and health
  14. I have courage and strength
  15. I have a beautiful physique
  16. I have financial achievement
  17. I have vitality and energy
  18. I have stability and safety
  19. I have motivation and confidence
  20. I have protection and security
  21. I live life to the fullest
  22. I am living a good life
  23. I am alive
  24. My body is healthy and beautiful
  25. My body loves me
  26. My body is strong and safe
  27. The earth supports and nourishes me
  28. I am steady as a tree
  29. I am connected to my inner self
  30. I am energized and vitalized
  31. I am happy in my house
  32. I am always providing for
  33. I am connected to the earth
  34. I am standing on my two feet
  35. I have self-control

Why Are Affirmations So Powerful?

Affirmations are powerful because they are made to prepare and motivate your subconscious mind to make an alteration in your way of life.

When you continuously repeat them, the mind certainly reacts. Both conscious and subconscious parts of your mind are connected.

When you repeat the affirmations, it develops positivity in your sub-consciousness mind.

Hence, your actions will represent your repeated affirmations. In fact, affirmations are nothing but the self-talk you are having with yourself.

It is like telling yourself what you already have and no need to worry. It works like auto-suggestion and stimulates your brain along with your body.

You have beliefs that were formed many years ago and may not be effective now.

With affirmations, you can break the age-old belief and begin to think in a different way. As such, you can change your reality by thinking otherwise. That’s why root chakra affirmations are so powerful.

Root chakra affirmations change your reality. When you have inspirational and positive beliefs, you can surround yourself in a positive environment.

So, what is the need to block your mind? Set yourself free and begin to live a healthy life full of beautiful things.

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