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Tarot Reading For Beginners

Tarot reading can seem like something that has been shrouded in mystery, especially to all those who have yet to experience it.

But really, tarot reading is a simple enough thing to understand if you can get to grips with its basics.

In this introduction to tarot reading, you’ll learn about what exactly it is, how it is done, some brief history, and why it is so popular even today. We couldn’t possibly cover the cards’ meanings in a single post because of many variations of tarot decks the world over, and it would begin to get complicated.

Instead, this article will serve as an introduction to a tarot reading, not tarot cards. Read on to find out more!

Tarot – An Introduction For Beginners

tarot reading for beginners psychic

What is tarot reading?

Tarot reading is often seen as a form of divination – where one individual can read somebody’s cards to tell them about what might be to come in their life.

This can revolve around anything from future love, future happiness, future wealth, and so on.

The seeker is the individual who wants to have their cards read to find out more about their future, and the reader is the individual with the ability to read and interpret the tarot cards to tell the seeker their predicted fate.

How does tarot reading work?

It may differ slightly depending on the reader because each reader tends to read cards differently in terms of their style. But generally speaking, they will follow a pattern similar to the one we are about to discuss.

First of all, it often helps the reader if the seeker has a specific question that they wish to have answered. This makes reading the cards a lot easier when the tarot cards are revealed because the reader knows how to describe what the seeker’s cards mean in a specific context relating to the question.

Say, for example, a seeker asked a reader, “Will my new business be a success or will it go bust?”, this question is much easier to focus on than if the seeker said, “Tell me about my future.”

Once the reader knows what areas to focus on, the next step is for them to shuffle and cut the deck. The reader then lays out the cards in a pattern known as a spread.

As they flip each of the cards to reveal them, the reader must consider the picture on the card and the position in the spread.

This is because each card has a meaning, but so too does the card’s position in the spread, and it may have a significant impact on how a reader interprets the cards.

This makes the reading incredibly unique when you think about how many different cards there are, how many possible positions they could be in, and the variety of different questions that the seeker may ask the reader to begin with.

Essentially, a tarot reading is unique to a seeker because out of all of the possible options and meanings associated with them; they got that one.

Many people would believe that for a tarot reading to be deemed successful, the seeker must be open to tarot reading as a legitimate form of divination.

This is because tarot reading could easily be seen as chance happenings with unexpected results containing no real meaning.

To this mind, the perceived story that is told to us from the tarot cards cannot be understood. If one is willing to accept the tarot cards meaning and the reader’s ability to interpret these meanings, then they no longer become a series of random cards that have been picked, but instead a meaningful set of cards that, in that very moment, were meant for you.

tarot cards

One of the most fun aspects of Tarot is the many varieties of cards!

A brief history of tarot reading

Tarot reading dates back until at least the 15th century, when it became popular as a simple card game for gambling and playing with. Nobody knows for sure if tarot cards were around before this time, but they are documented as being used in card games as early as the 15th century.

It’s interesting to know that some tarot decks are still in existence that is believed to be from around this time, so tarot cards certainly have a lot of history.Using tarot cards for tarot reading as a method of divination, however, doesn’t appear to have been common practice until the 19th century when secret societies became interested in tarot cards as a means of divination to predict their own and other’s futures.

One of the most notable of these secret societies (or not so, considering we know the organization’s name and know for a fact that they commissioned the creation of a tarot deck in 1909) is the Order of the Golden Dawn.This link in history to the occult, and secret societies dedicated to the study of ritual magic, goes some way to explaining the mystery surrounding tarot cards and tarot reading.

There seems to be some of the secrecy still surrounding the topic. Even steadily, more and more people are becoming aware of tarot reading as an excellent form of divination and guidance for somebody’s life path.

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Tarot reading and its popularity today

One of the main reasons for tarot readings increased popularity has to be the new increased acceptance of different forms of spirituality, divination, and possibly even magic.

Increasingly, more and more people can share their beliefs with others, and many people adopt their ideas from all around them before interpreting them and accepting them in their way.

Tarot readings rely on open minds, and as a world, we are certainly going some way towards being more open-minded than ever before.

This new willingness to accept new things, and learn from others, is undoubtedly why tarot readings are more popular now and will continue to become even more so in the future.Hopefully, this introduction to tarot reading has taught you a little more about it. If you have an open mind and are willing to give it a go, why not try tarot reading?

It is an experience you will never forget, and it might just guide you towards new opportunities that will be great for you!

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