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Numerology For Beginners

Numerology is the study of the meaning of numbers and their influence on human beings and historical events.

Numerology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge.

Therefore it is a self-help resource to achieve success in any area of life. Each number has its vibration, and knowing it serves as a guide to developing correctly in any project.

The numbers do not rigidly determine a human being’s destiny but suggest a path to follow. Through numerology, we can make accurate decisions that facilitate the achievement of our goals.

Here is a valuable introduction to numerology to better understand this millenary science.

Numerology – An Introduction For Beginners

Self-knowledge is the most reliable path to success in any area of life. Fortunately, numerology is an efficient tool for knowing ourselves and knowing how to face our reality’s different challenges.

The two most important numbers in an individual’s life are the vibration of the Date of Birth that indicates the destiny to follow and our Full Birth Name’s vibration, which shows our personality.

Knowing both vibrations will allow us better to understand our identity and our relationship with the environment.

numerology introduction for beginners

Numerology is a great path towards self-knowledge.

Number and vibration of the Date of Birth

The date of birth indicates your mission in life. That numerical vibration is obtained by adding all the digits of your date of birth and reducing it to a single number.

That number indicates your destiny, mission, and what you come to learn in this life. This value manifests the key to the trends and opportunities that the individual will develop throughout life.

Knowing in-depth this numerical vibration facilitates fulfilling the spiritual task that an individual came to manifest during this existence. This numerical vibration credits the virtues of an individual.

This numerical vibration also indicates an individual’s degree of evolution. Each of us learns that the way is always evolutionary and for the benefit of ourselves and our environment.

The numerical vibration of the date of birth is reduced to a single digit, from 1 to 9. If the sum of the numbers on that date is 11, 22, 33, or 44, it should not be reduced to a single digit. These four numerical vibrations are considered Master Numbers and have a special mission.

Number and vibration of the Full Birth Name

The Full Birth Name’s numerical vibration contains valuable information about who we are and what we came to manifest in this existence.

Each letter of our full name has a numerical value that, by adding them all, gives us a new numerical value with a powerful meaning.

The Full Birth Name’s numerical vibration contains two fundamental data: Soul Impulse Number and Personality Number. The Soul Impulse Number is obtained by adding the vowels’ numerical values, reducing it to a single digit.

This numerical vibration reveals our inner world, which must be manifested during this existence. The Soul Impulse Number is our true identity.The Personality Number indicates the image of ourselves that we project externally. This numerical vibration is obtained by adding our full name consonants and reducing them to a single digit. This number indicates the first impression we make on others. That external image may or may not match our inner world.

On certain occasions, the Soul Impulse Number and Personality Number express excessively different numerical vibrations, which causes an energy imbalance. The task of the individual will be to harmonize both vibrations to manifest a happy life.

Numerology and success

Numerology is a valuable tool for success in labor, financial and academic matters. The numerical vibration of the Date of Birth and the full Name of Birth tell us the energies we have to transcend in life.

We can know our talents and skills to succeed at work or in business through a numerological study. We can also see the talent of our partners to carry out a project.

Numerology can guide us to choose the start date of a business or give a good name to a project of its own to vibrate positively.

Numerology and love

Numerology is an excellent resource for establishing stable and lasting romantic relationships. To achieve this, we must know our Date of Birth’s numerical vibrations and our full Name.

Logically we must have that same information about the man or woman we’re interested in. A numerological study reveals the energetic numerical combination of both individuals. Numerology suggests certain attitudes and behaviors so that a romantic relationship thrives and lasts through time.

Numerology can also propose a specific date of engagement, marriage, moving, etc., so that a couple enjoys excellent energy vibrations that promote the happiness they deserve.

numerology 101 easy introduction

The Meaning of Specific Numbers in Numerology

Each number has an energetic vibration whose meaning helps us better understand the language of the universe. Below is an overview of each number to make this introduction to numerology extremely useful.

0: infinite, totality, power

1: leadership, beginnings, independence. In the negative aspect, loneliness, selfishness, stubbornness. – click to learn more.

2: harmony, service, sensitivity. In a negative sense, hesitation, dependence, and shyness. – click to learn more.

3: expression, sociability, communication, and good humor. In negative appearance, dispersion, superficiality, and extravagance. – click to learn more.

4: stability, firmness, good organization. It also means frustration, irresponsibility, prejudice. – click to learn more.

5: freedom, dynamism, changes. On the downside, carefreeness, general imbalance, harmful excesses. – click to learn more.

6: affectivity, family, responsibility. It also means discussions, meddling, irresponsibility. – click to learn more.

7: wisdom, knowledge, ideals. It also means sarcasm, over-structured thinking, indulgence. – click to learn more.

8: success, perseverance, authority. In the negative sense, tension, intolerance, power struggles. – click to learn more.

9: brotherhood, universality, generosity. The negative aspect, dissipation, possessiveness, pride. – click to learn more.

11: idealism, inspiration, spiritual leadership. In the negative sense, bigotry, pride.

22: Overcome all obstacles. In the negative sense, lack of faith.

33: represents the highest spiritual elevation. In the negative sense, refuse to transcend the earthly world.

44: stability, authority, excellence. In a negative sense, pride and vanity.

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