Tarot Reading: 3 of Disks from the Thoth Tarot

Did you know that the Tarot includes both astrology and numerology in its cards? I picked this card for today (see image below).

3 of disks works thoth tarot

“Works” is the 3 of Disks. That card may seem a little boring for a Saturday, but it’s a fascinating card when you dive deeper!

The Disks refer to the earth, so it is a card of skilled labor. Notice the astrological signs at the top and bottom of the card? That’s Mars in Capricorn.

Mars is the planet of action and energy. When it’s in Capricorn, it represents stable growth and construction. Interesting how much we can read from a single card.

On the numerological side, we have the number 3. This number has many associations but can stand for Heart, Mind, and Action.

We can read all this from one card, and that’s before we look into the symbology and art on the card!Imagine how deeply you can understand the past, present, and future when you combine the Tarot with your personal astrology.

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