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The Magician – Tarot

The Magician is a person who can demonstrate magic (extra-ordinary activities). He can complete the circuit that is between heaven and earth. It shows a gifted person who brings divine gold to himself.

The use of tarot cards is a vast area of investigation, and it cannot be exhaustive. There are various meanings of tarot cards. To start with, the first number of the Major Arcana brings magic.The Magician shows that one is the master of his destiny and is responsible for his future, but only if he decides to take the proper steps. In addition to that, one is responsible for crafting their reality. The Magician upright wants you to think about what motivation can do for you. It is most appropriate when you undertake a new initiative to confirm that you have got it right, a new love relationship.The Magician reversed shows that you could be your own worst enemy. This is through the barriers you have placed in your life, all by yourself. For example, many people will always have an excuse for not doing one thing or the other. In the Magician reversed, one works against his ability and creativity.


There are many different tarot decks and artworks of the Magician/Magus. The Thoth Tarot deck has three versions.

For example, you could be given a leadership position, and some thoughts keep lingering in your mind that this is not going to be a challenge that you can take.Having stated that, the Magician is a source of motivation and power. It also helps one identify his potential weaknesses, including shadiness, greed, and manipulation. At the same time, you will evaluate if you are hurting other people as you work your way up the ladder of success through the Magician.

Tarot cards are a reliable source of information in displaying a possible future. The displayed possible futures have a purpose embedded in them. Consequently, the purpose acts as a mirror that shows the path and direction your life will take and the course of action you should take.For instance, if the tarot card tells you that you should leave your current job, you will take time to reflect on the potential benefits that a new job would carry.

Similarly, if the tarot cards show you that you should remain in your career, you will modify how you view your job and see it in a positive light.

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