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Chakra Affirmations

In this article we’re going to look at using affirmations to heal the chakras. If you’re looking specific chakra affirmations go to the top menu and choose chakra.

It is quite possible that many of us may have come across chakra affirmations.

However, it also is possible that many may not be fully aware of this method of treatment and approach for taking care of many physical, mental and emotional problems.

Many of the negative physical and mental manifestations may be because of an underlying emotional reason.

In such cases, practicing chakra affirmations could come in handy as far as positively handling intense emotions are concerned. It could help in taking care of fear and anxiety in a subtle and professional manner. There is enough feedback from people to prove that these chakra affirmations do work on the ground. However, it is important to balance the chakra optimally so that you are able to make the best of these affirmations.

Once you are able to do this and once you are able to understand the healing powers associated with chakra, it has the power to change your life totally and forever. It is known to improve the physical and spiritual well-being.

Though there are many types of chakra, you must research and choose the right chakra taking into account your specific needs and requirements.

Chakra basically is Sanskrit word, and it means wheel or disk. It is a process of meditation and it may help in transferring positive energy wheels to the entire body.

We need to understand that there are hundreds of types of chakras in our body. But most experts and teachers talk about mastering 7 chakras.

These are referred to as the core chakras. They are also referred to as energy centers and are situated within the body. There is something unique about these chakras. They are considered to be effective because they form the focal point as far as your spiritual, physical and emotional energies are concerned.

They are also referred to as energy networks. They help in integrating and mind, body and spirit and help them to work in unison with perfect inter-relation.

Each of the chakra comes with a separate name and color. They have some relation to some common vibration frequencies. It is believed that each of the chakra may have some connection to some emotions and experiences.

crown chakra meditation

However, the chakras have to be chosen carefully failing which they may get imbalanced. For example, many of us often choose the root chakra.

This is a chakra that denotes security and improving survival instinct. If there is an imbalance in this chakra, it may lead to anxiety and you start distrusting others. You could suffer from certain types of gut problems, if there is a root chakra imbalance. However, if you do your research and choose the right root chakra, you may find a lot of changes in your life.

It could make a person feel secure, improve their level of calmness and also make them more anchored and grounded. These people will perhaps be in a better position to face the challenges of life and meet it head on, with fortitude and courage.

How Does Affirmations Can Help In Balancing Chakras?

There is no denying the fact that proper balancing of the chakra is important. However, this can be done better through the right positive affirmation.

We all know that chakras are nothing but various energy centers in the body. Each and every chakra is different and it has different attributes.

A look at the old manuscripts belonging to the Indian Vedic age will perhaps throw more light on this. The chakras also recommend some well-thought out and result oriented yoga and other practices. If you take the help of a guru, he will for sure talk about these things.

What Else You Can Expect From A Balanced Chakra

Your objective and goal should be to reach a balanced chakra. When this happens it is quite possible that you could have a combination of good health with happiness.

The seven different chakras that have been mentioned above come with its share of benefits. Each of these chakras offers a different kind of energy.

Further, each of the seven chakras vibrates at different frequencies and the colors that they give off are also different. However, you need an experienced teacher or instructor who can help in perfect alignment of each of the seven chakras. We have talked about it earlier but would like to repeat it again here.

Unless there is a right balancing and the right use of the chakras, you could suffer from different types of imbalances. These could lead to various ailments that could manifest in physical, mental and emotional illnesses.

You also could have negative thoughts running through your mind. You have to bear in mind that the energy from the chakras is dependent on the power that you believe in.

A perfect balance is vital knowing which energy levels could be over stimulated or under stimulated.

Choosing the right set of chakra affirmations and practicing it regularly is one of the best ways to balance the chakras and get the best out of it. We must have heard about the power of spoken words.

Hence as far as chakra is concerned, there is lot of importance given to words that are spoken by you. When you speak and think about a particular thing, you may start sending positive energy to the chakras.

This may help you to balance the chakra energy and avoid over stimulation or even block them if they are not yielding the right results. Affirmations are known to offer miraculous results and this can happen within a very short period of time.

How Should Chakra Affirmations Be Used?

There are a few things to bear in mind before going in for chakra affirmations. These are recitations that are potent.

They could help you in having the right balance between different energies. It might sound a bit difficult for starters but regular practicing and medication can certainly help.

chakra prayer affirmations

It takes time and you must understand the virtues of being patient and persevering. Affirmations are critical and they are integral to chakra cleaning. Our subconscious thought process has the power to create a sense of reality.

When this is combined with affirmations, you have everything that helps your mind to become positive. When your mind has positive thoughts, it could get aligned to healing energy flow.

The chakra affirmations have the power to help you to focus only on the good and positive things and stay away from the negatives. You must know how to become comfortable and start concentrating on the location of the chakra. This will help in much better results.

When Should You Use Chakra Affirmations

Our emotions are highly unpredictable and they keeping moving from one end to another. Chakra affirmations can help us to take control of our emotions and bring it back to the path that is desired.

These could include thoughts, actions, feelings and even physical sensations across the entire body. There are certain situations and symptoms where you may stand benefited by using chakra affirmations. We are listing down a few of them

  • A state of mind where you start believing that you are the only person to trust.
  • You stay away from taking help from others even in tough situations.
  • You lack healthy relationship with your family.
  • You fear for loss of control
  • You like to stay disconnected from people and nature.
  • You are not yourself when you are with other people
  • You start hoarding and collecting things.
  • Your living becomes constricted and cluttered.
  • You indulge in binge-eating or avoid eating because of depression.
  • You are too concerned about becoming poor because of lack of money.
  • Lack of trust with almost all human beings.

35 Affirmations To Balance All 7 Chakras

1. I am sound and safe.

2. I am all powerful

3. I have abundance

4. I am anchored.

5. I am brave.

6. I am successful.

7. I have confidence

8. I am at peace with self.

9. I am protected and nurtured

10. I am prosperous and healthy

11. I have a nice physique

12. I am financial achiever

13. I have safety and stability

14. I am full of energy and vitality

15. I am confident & motivated

16. I love living fully

17. I am leading a good life

18. I am alive

19. I have good health & body

20. My body is in love with me.

21. My body is safe and strong

22. The earth nourishes and supports me

23. I am rock steady as a tree.

24. I am in touch with my inner-self.

25. I am full of energy and vitality

26. I love to be in my house.

27. I provide for everyone

28. I am closely connected to the earth

29. I always stand on my feet

30. I have full self control

31. I live for the present

32. My life is full of grace

33. I open myself to divine wisdom

34. I believe in my intuition

35. I believe in letting go of achievement.​

Think positive and receive blessings.

Why Affirmations Are So Powerful?

Affirmations are considered to be very powerful because of a few obvious reasons. They could help in motivating our subconscious mind.

This could bring about a positive change in our lives. When the chakra affirmations are repeated regularly, the mind also starts reacting to it. It helps to connect both the subconscious and conscious parts of the mind. It also helps to bring about positivity in our thoughts and actions. Chakra affirmations when done properly could help connect the various chakra energy points. It could help us to become more positive and also inspiration. It helps to remove the negative things that often block our mind.

We, therefore lead a happier and healthier life.

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