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Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is an evolutionary quantum leap that an individual experiences at some point in his/her life. 

This evolution manifests itself psychologically, as the individual begins to identify the ego, the mind, and external conditioning.

The individual finally understands that each of us is a spiritual being experiencing an earthly life. The spiritual awakening produces essential changes in the personal life:

  • The present time is valued.
  • Unconditional love is shared.
  • Consciousness is expanded, among others.

The spiritual awakening manifests itself through signals that you must capture to begin to vibrate in love.

Here are seven signs of a spiritual awakening.

7 signs of a spiritual awakening: your journey has already begun

1. You want to be yourself

being yourself is a sign of a spiritual awakening

You feel the need to be yourself, and you want to manifest it in your outer world. You think you have been imposing a personality all your life to fit in with your environment.

You no longer want to experience that. From now on, you will not allow your family or society to define who you are.

Now you are asking yourself who you are and what your purpose is during this lifetime.

You have finally become aware that the outside world is an illusion. That is why you want to see reality through your soul, as it will show you the truth.

2. You feel uncomfortable in your current environment

signs of spiritual awakening being yourself solitude

Now that you are beginning your spiritual awakening, you feel uncomfortable in your current environment.

That is logical since not everyone evolves at the same time. You feel uncomfortable with the people who currently surround you, so you prefer to be alone.

It is also likely that you choose to meet new people with whom you feel at ease. Your vibrational frequency is higher than before, so you reject a specific environment and feel good with other people.

These new sensations are determined by your soul and not by your ego. That is what makes it authentic.

3. You reject falsehood

Your spiritual awakening leads you to reject the superficiality, frivolity, and lies that surround you.

That is why you now flee from certain people, places, and situations that manifest falsehood.

Instead, you are attracted to sincere and straightforward people who show themselves as they are.

You seek an environment that reflects authenticity because you are now genuinely connected to yourself.

You should know that you are on the right path. If your heart tells you to approach a particular environment and reject others, do it.

4. Need to give your life meaning

signs of spiritual awakening meaningful life giving life meaning

You realize that the life you have led so far does not satisfy you. Your work, friends, and activities, in general, do not benefit you.

You feel the urgent need to give meaning to your life. Therefore you must do something about it. 

For example: look for a job where you can help others, do charity work, study a university degree related to social issues, etc. Make this life change as soon as possible. 

Otherwise, you could get into severe depression. 

You should not feel empty inside; act according to your new spiritual state.

5. You start a healthy lifestyle

signs of spiritual awakening healthy lifestyle - a healthy lifestyle follows

Spiritual awakening leads you to value your health as it deserves. You are aware that we have only one body, and we must take care of it to the maximum.

You start to eat correctly, do physical activity, and try to sleep eight hours a night of your own free will. 

You may also want to become a vegan or vegetarian because of your love for animals. 

You stay away from harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, and consuming illegal substances. 

During this period you will feel more energetic, and you will feel like doing a lot of activities.

6. Synchronicities

As you advance on your spiritual path, incredible synchronicities happen in your life. Your vibratory fecundity is high, which connects you with Higher Consciousness.

That makes you be in the right place, at the right time, surrounded by the right people for your mission. Your deep desires manifest in earthly reality. 

All this happens because you are in harmony with the universe. Your vibration rises, and positive events begin to happen to you. 

You are also better connected with spiritual guides such as angels, who lead you on the right path. It would help if you always listened to your intuition, as it contains wisdom.

7. Being ONE with everything

being one with everything as a sign of spiritual awakening

Now you understand the true meaning of “being ONE with the whole.” You no longer experience the delusion of separation. You feel that you are one with all other living beings in the universe.

That leads you to realize how significant your thoughts, words, and actions are. You are aware of how your behavior influences the outside world. 

You feel responsible for everything you think, say, and do. Therefore you have become a sensitive individual who empathizes with what others feel.

Spiritual awakening generates a crisis in you

The seven signs of a spiritual awakening mentioned above indicate the beginning of a beautiful process that will make you feel fulfilled as a human being.

However, spiritual awakening can also generate a crisis in your inner world. 

You may feel confused, surprised, not knowing what to do. Don’t worry, that is normal. As time goes by, you will feel better and better. 

This process brings deep inner peace, and you will want to stay in that state forever. Let yourself be guided by your intuition; your spiritual awakening will lead you on the best path.


These seven signs of a spiritual awakening will guide you to understand what is happening to you.

Now you start to be yourself, you will help create a better world, and you will surround yourself with beautiful people who vibrate like you.

You will move away from negative people and environments to surround yourself with love. Your life will take on true meaning, and you will achieve your purpose during this lifetime.

Trust in this new path; the universe will place all the synchronicities in your favor so that you continue to evolve.

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