Snake Kundalini

snake kundalini

Is the snake Kundalini? Why do serpents, snakes, and dragons often symbolize the Kundalini? Let’s find out! The symbols used to describe and talk about Kundalini often scare people. We are used to thinking of snakes as enemies, but with Kundalini, it’s different. One of the main reasons is Ida and Pingala’s two energies, the … Read more

Goddess Isis

goddess isis

Isis is an Egyptian goddess who represents the queen, mother, and Goddess of all gods. She is the sister and wife of Osiris, the powerful king, and god of the dead and agriculture. Isis is revered as the great magician, as she resurrected Osiris, and then they had a son. She is also a divine … Read more

Ganesha the Abundance God

ganesha the abundance god

Ganesha is India’s most famous Hindu deity, whose celebrity has reached the whole world. Ganesha, the Abundance God, has unlimited power to open paths, generate good luck and create infinite wealth. This Hindu deity responds quickly to prayers, destroys obstacles, and makes circumstances favorable to whoever placed his faith in this deity. Ganesha possesses endless wisdom … Read more

Kundalini For Those Inclined

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Kundalini For Those Inclined Sometimes I don’t talk about Kundalini at all. That’s because it becomes a part of everything in your life. You start seeing the ups and downs of life as the flow of energy within. Karmic patterns dissolve through outer and inner change. That’s the whole goal of Kundalini. Of course, it’s only the … Read more