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Believe You Can Awaken Kundalini

Ramana Maharshi Self-Inquiry

If you’re waiting for the perfect technique or teacher to come along, it won’t happen. The mind gets in the way and creates reasons to distrust either the source or the method. Doubt becomes the obstacle that keeps you from taking action. This process happens to almost everyone, and it’s a product of self-defense. Trust … Read more

Om Namah Shivay + Gyan Mudra

om namah + gyan mudra small

I’ve used and talked about both mantras and mudras for many years, but yesterday I experienced something extraordinary while using them. The mantra I used was Om Namah Shivay. It’s the mantra Babaji said could change the world if used correctly. The trick with mantras is not the letters themselves, even though that is a … Read more

The Goal Of Kundalini

kundalini awakening symptoms

No other spiritual path promises as much as the Kundalini. It may also be the reason why many are attracted to awakening this primal force. First of all, Kundalini will ascend through the chakras and open all of them entirely. This process is difficult to envision because there may be no end to the chakras’ … Read more

The History of Kundalini

To me, it’s obvious the ancient Egyptians knew Kundalini. You can look at their advanced spiritual knowledge and come to the same conclusion. For example, the pharaoh had Wadjet near the third eye. Wadjet is a protective goddess and reminds you of Shakti from Hinduism. Depiction of the pharaoh showing Wadjet and Nekhbet near the … Read more

Kundalini Problems?

kali kundalini teacher

A Kundalini Awakening is the greatest blessing. It is the bridge between humanity and divinity. Still, many find it a problematic gift. Mental and physical issues can arise when Kundalini awakens. If Kundalini is a positive force, how can it cause problems for us? We have to remember that we are dealing with a force … Read more

Top Signs Of A Kundalini Awakening

kundalini awakening visualization technique

If you’re already practicing Kundalini Awakening techniques, you might wonder if you’re having progress. What are the signs of a Kundalini Awakening? During the early phases of a Kundalini Awakening you will feel throbbing in the Muladhara chakra. This is the root chakra where Shakti lies dormant until awakening. Later on you may experience a … Read more