What's Relevant To Kundalini?

Almost everything is relevant to Kundalini. Anything you do can become a spiritual practice that supports your Kundalini Awakening because mind, body, and spirit work together. Be in nature; you'll ground yourself and nourish the root chakra.

Be creative, and the sacral chakra thrives. Express yourself from the heart, and you'll work on the heart chakra, throat chakra, and maybe every chakra. Music can be a throat chakra exercise, but it can also become a complete meditation on all the chakras.

If your focus is spiritual, there's no limit to what can be meditation.

I like to take my camera out and see what happens. I went out looking for northern lights yesterday, hoping to see them over the city. That did not happen as planned. Instead, I got a minor amount of northern lights over this mountain. You won't always get what you want, but you can still be happy.

northern lights norway

Northern lights over Honningsvåg, Norway. This is where I live and I often come to this mountain to look for northern lights.

Jon André Lundal

Jon is a spiritual explorer that has focused on understanding the Kundalini Awakening. He has practised many styles of meditation and done chakra work for over 10 years.

Jon André Lundal

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