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Kundalini Problems?

A Kundalini Awakening is the greatest blessing. It is the bridge between humanity and divinity. Still, many find it a problematic gift. Mental and physical issues can arise when Kundalini awakens.

If Kundalini is a positive force, how can it cause problems for us? We have to remember that we are dealing with a force more powerful than ourselves. But isn’t Kundalini a part of us always? Yes and no. Before Kundalini awakens, it has little effect on us. It is dormant. A Kundalini Awakening changes this. It is now a part of us with a voice that we sometimes don’t understand.

We carry dogma and preconceived notions about everything. These thoughts serve a purpose in your life, but often they oppose the energy of Kundalini. What happens is a disagreement between the old you and the direction Kundalini wants you to go.

kali kundalini teacher

The Goddess Kali is a symbol of Kundalini’s inner work.

Surrender Is Easier Said Than Done

Every spiritual tradition speaks of surrender. The problem is it’s easy to fake it. That’s fine when you want to get through life comfortably and seem holy. Kundalini, though, has access to your innermost thoughts.

In reality, we can only surrender so much. The rest become empty words. What happens is that Kundalini finds ways to help you abandon what you cling to most. Sometimes She/Shakti will punish you. It’s like a mother that slaps the hand of a child. 

The end goal is to make your mind and body resonate with Kundalini. Surrendering something does not even mean quitting it. It means Kundalini penetrates that area of your life. The result is always benevolent.

There is no separation between the physical and the mental, and a positive thought creates effects on the material. Kundalini works on the thought patterns stored in our bodies. This work can be painful in a multitude of ways. If Kundalini wanted, it could break the whole body in one second, but the goal is to create a temple out of the flesh.

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4 thoughts on “Kundalini Problems?”

  1. Hate kundalini and do not see any positive benefit for me. I never sought “spiritual awakening” and frankly I was a more spiritual person before this experience. I prefer being a normal human being with fleshy desires and normal emotions. Kundalini is baloney and evil and it seems some people try to find a meaning in it, but there really is nothing good about it. Not for me at least. Just being truly honest here.

  2. I’m very new to this aspect of spiritual expansion …I stumbled upon DNA, Chakra alignment, kundalini in my research.
    My attention was drawn mostly to kundalini …. it’s seems it’s the way for me to go considering all the fruitless steps I’ve taken towards achieving my desires.
    A beginner’s guide will be very helpful to me.

  3. We are eternal peaceful souls temporarily inhabiting our physical bodies with all the limitations that entails. Imagine when we all realise that ! Omshanti


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