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Om Namah Shivay + Gyan Mudra

I’ve used and talked about both mantras and mudras for many years, but yesterday I experienced something extraordinary while using them. The mantra I used was Om Namah Shivay.

It’s the mantra Babaji said could change the world if used correctly.

The trick with mantras is not the letters themselves, even though that is a part of it. Results come from the consciousness you put into them and your ability to focus your mind with one-pointedness.

My experience is challenging to describe because any inner consciousness experience is. Let’s say it spiritually was groundbreaking to me.I used the Gyan mudra because I often do while meditating, but it may not have changed my experience. I’m explaining what I did, and you could try the same if you’re interested. To be exact, I also listened to one of my favorite songs in the background.

It’s a devotional song to Babaji with mantras.

I started my work with Kundalini ten years ago. The path since then has been like a mountain you’re climbing. You never know what you’ll encounter next. Maybe it’s a cliff or flat terrain. The point is that as long as you’re in human form, you’re still working on your consciousness. Awakening Kundalini won’t immediately turn you into an all-knowing saint.

This technique depends on your ability to be aware of your thoughts. Notice how many times your focus slips, and you think random thoughts. Maybe you start daydreaming. Each time this happens, you have to get back to the mantra.How long do you repeat it? For as long as you’re able to. If you start to feel its effects, then it’s easier to motivate yourself to continue. With a quiet mind, you can feel the mantra after just a couple of minutes.What’s possible with a simple technique like this? Perhaps everything.

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