15 Kundalini Awakening Benefits

15 kundalini awakening signs

1. Heightened Sensitivity This can relate to heightened emotional sensitivity, such as an increase in empathy and an increase in sensitivity towards sensations like the nerves in your body or an increase in alertness. 2. Memory Improvement This benefit often links with the above point. Because of an increase in your alertness, you may notice … Read more

Kundalini Awakening Stages

yoga cobra pose root chakra

When I started learning about kundalini energy, my teacher first explained the different stages of kundalini awakening. I wanted her to understand that it wouldn’t happen overnight until she was ready for the long spiritual journey. If I am in the same place now, I will do my best to impart all that I have … Read more

20 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

kundalini awakening symptoms

1.  Muscles You may notice a certain tension or cramp-like feel in your muscles as you try to awaken Kundalini. Some people have even reported spasms, this is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, it is always best to familiarise yourself with your body to respond accordingly should you notice any changes … Read more

Is Kundalini Awakening permanent?

kundalini awakening permanent

When Kundalini awakens appropriately, it is permanent. That does not mean an awakening leads to spiritual enlightenment right away, or even in this lifetime. Kundalini can stop at any of the seven chakras and get stuck. When this happens, it is necessary to continue doing one’s practice to progress. Swami Lakshmanjoo, the great sage of … Read more

Kundalini And Third Eye

third eye awakening jon andre lundal

Before I started the “experiment” that led to my Kundalini Awakening, I meditated daily on the third eye chakra. I think those meditations led me to the knowledge I needed. It’s all connected: The chakras, Kundalini, your path in life. Back in 2016, I published several ebooks on Amazon to share what I had learned. … Read more

What’s Relevant To Kundalini?

northern lights norway

Almost everything is relevant to Kundalini. Anything you do can become a spiritual practice that supports your Kundalini Awakening because mind, body, and spirit work together. Be in nature; you’ll ground yourself and nourish the root chakra. Be creative, and the sacral chakra thrives. Express yourself from the heart, and you’ll work on the heart … Read more

Believe You Can Awaken Kundalini

Ramana Maharshi Self-Inquiry

If you’re waiting for the perfect technique or teacher to come along, it won’t happen. The mind gets in the way and creates reasons to distrust either the source or the method. Doubt becomes the obstacle that keeps you from taking action. This process happens to almost everyone, and it’s a product of self-defense. Trust … Read more