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The Goal Of Kundalini

No other spiritual path promises as much as the Kundalini. It may also be the reason why many are attracted to awakening this primal force. First of all, Kundalini will ascend through the chakras and open all of them entirely. This process is difficult to envision because there may be no end to the chakras’ evolution. I imagine the chakras since they are energy, will continue to change. All energy does.

Kundalini is divine perfected energy. Its journey is a mystery, but it manifests within the human body for a reason. With it, the body becomes a temple. At the same time, it can create changes within the body and mind.

kundalini as goddess

Does Kundalini Grant Immortality?

Many yogic texts speak on masters living after the body perishes. They are also able to leave the body at will before this happens. The question is whether you’re open to the reality of more than this material existence. Is this world all there is, or do we only see a small fragment of it?

Science has proven that energy can not disappear. Can the spirit disappear? I think not. We’ll probably continue to evolve far beyond this world, towards greater enlightenment and purity than we can ever imagine.

There is a great plan behind all of creation, and Kundalini is an integral part of it. Just like the male and female energies entwine upwards within, so do they in all of creation. To see this design in its entirety is impossible through the human mind, but we can connect with it through heart and soul.

Wherever Kundalini, Shakti, decides to take us, I believe, is a beautiful place. If we will see this destination through human eyes or as the pure spirit remains to be seen. To think, to dream, and wonder can take us closer to divine energy. Kundalini is ultimately the Goddess.

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  1. thank you 🤎🐍💙🌹 beautifully expressed ~ 🙏🕉 She has been with me always ~ there is a new awakening for those who dare to stand in the domaine of their own holy temple from above below 360 ~ blessings to Sri Yantra ShivaShakti Wisdom Teachers


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