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Believe You Can Awaken Kundalini

If you’re waiting for the perfect technique or teacher to come along, it won’t happen. The mind gets in the way and creates reasons to distrust either the source or the method. Doubt becomes the obstacle that keeps you from taking action. This process happens to almost everyone, and it’s a product of self-defense.

Trust is dangerous, and survival is the mind’s preferred state. You also experience the ego’s pessimistic outlook. What if you try and fail? That’s something the ego does not enjoy. Humility and faith are not just pretty words; they’re beneficial on the spiritual path.

So much in life is simply in our minds. What we think is possible and the limits we put on ourselves dictate our actions. Even if nobody tells us no, we will listen to the voice within that says no.

Almost everything is possible if you let yourself believe it. Indeed, a lot more than you currently imagine is within your power. That’s why the most significant progress comes from changing our mindset. Doors open when you do.

As Within So Without

Whatever you search for, you have to find within first. If you have gone through a spiritual awakening, you’ll remember how different the world suddenly seems. Your eyes are new. You hear things in a new way. Reality gets a new dimension you never perceived before.

When you open yourself to new knowledge, it starts flooding in from every direction. Words that seemed alien become a part of you. You understand them with your heart and not your mind. You see that everything you experience is there for you to learn and grow.

Quick Self-Realization Technique

Unconscious self-talk is a barrier to self-realization. Ramana Maharshi always talked about this technique when asked how to reach enlightenment. First, become aware of something in the room. It could be a chair or anything you’d like. Agree that because you are aware of this object, you can not be this object. Now go one step further and become aware of your clothes. It seems silly because obviously, you’re not your clothes. 

What about your body? You are aware of your hands, feet, and all the sensations they give. Then you’re not your body either! You are supreme awareness. Even your thoughts are “external” because you are aware of random and familiar thoughts. Some of these thoughts you identify with and hold dearly. “I am this…”, “I am that…”

You are non of these things. You are the supreme awareness. Through the realization of this awareness, Kundalini will also awaken.

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