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Kundalini Awakening and the Evolution of Consciousness

Spiritual consciousness evolves. How this happens is a mystery.

The most profound secrets of the universe remain shrouded to the human mind.

Kundalini, one of my favorite topics, may be the most potent force for spiritual evolution.

I think of Kundalini as something integral to nature itself. It is the power that makes the trees grow and the seasons change. You could also call it Spirit.

Many practices and lives lead to the evolution of spiritual consciousness. In nature, many flowers co-exist harmoniously, and they all add to existence.

They have different shapes, different colors, different smells. Many spiritual paths exist, and many can take you to the fruition of your inner self.

Each life is a destiny and has its unique way towards realizing Spirit itself.

The Midnight Sun period begins today, and the sun will shine 24/7 where I live for the next few months. On the other side of the earth, it is autumn.

The earth is a fascinating study in itself, and when books fail, you can always find answers without words in nature.

Any practice you can pour your focus and good intentions into is a worthy one. Walking, sitting in the sun, knitting, or taking photos, you can always enjoy the spiritual aspect. Meditation comes easily when you’re enjoying yourself.I’ll be creating new articles that I think can help you attain your spiritual goals.

Goals may be a funny word to use since the goal is already achieved when you’re happy and in the present moment?Below is a photo from a few days ago. As you can see, we have lots of snow in May.I hope you’re enjoying this time of year and that your life is filled with truth, spiritual abundance, and rewarding challenges.

photo of the harbor in Norway, Honningsvåg.

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