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7 Stages Of A Twin Flame Relationship

Today you will find everything you need to know about the stages of twin flame relationships and how the “couple” experiences the Male and Female energy.

Twin Flames are said to be a soul divided into two bodies and, through the journey of incarnation, seeks its union to raise the vibration of the Earth in the field of selfless love. 

Of course, each relationship teaches us a lot about ourselves and promotes our self-development.

However, the relationship with our twin flame is quite stressful, as pieces of the shadowy self that we should work on come to the surface. 

Stage 1: Recognition And Temporary Awakening

twin flame couple discussing

Both twins recognize each other on a soul level and feel they have met again in the past. Synchronizing events occur around their union.

External conditions favor acquaintance. They both realize that something different is happening and open their hearts.

Their first physical contact is aimed at the spiritual awakening, so each one awakens and begins to realize the plan of the soul; the incarnation.

Their heart chakras open and unite in a Third Energy while experiencing an acceleration of spiritual understanding.


To activate the memory of each soul in terms of the mission of its life and help each other awaken to higher levels of consciousness.

Second 2: Testing Phase

The initial temporary spiritual awakening (enlightenment) fades. The Ego (lower self) begins to awaken again.

One or both twins might try to fit the relationship into the “old model” of love, companionship, or relationship related to the desires of the Ego and the belief systems it has learned. Then they rise into internal conflicts.

The twins reminisce about what they had learned to believe about how their loved ones should be and how the relationship should serve them.

Both of them feel at the same time inspired and shocked by the strength of their union. Doubts make their appearance by making one or both twins look at their beloved in a critical mood or even with suspicion.

The awareness of psychic recognition weakens the “Ego.” Otherwise, the mechanism of the mind appears, which brings to the surface desires and needs to express the pattern of a typical, “normal” relationship. 

The female energy usually demands a romantic union, while the male energy denies the relationship, is often intolerant and avoids any commitment.

So the couple expresses their value system, which is usually different, which tests the relationship. However, things that need to be treated come to the surface through this situation.


To create efficient mental ideas that have to do with the relationship.

Stage 3: The Crisis

twin flame crisis

The twins are called to do at this stage to understand that either they will give up their selfish standards regarding romantic relationships, or they will have to give up their loved ones.

Their need to eliminate the lower self or beliefs and desires based on personality and thus embrace a higher level of expression of love might lead to situations dominated by haste.

Fear can take the reins, causing many common emotional dysfunctions. By remaining as mere observers of these patterns, they can set them free.

Despite their fears, both twins go through circles where they come close, bond, confess their love to each other, forgive, and make love.

These rituals establish a higher level of consciousness in their energy field.

The crisis in this relationship begins when the partners realize that they should get rid of outdated beliefs and mental blockages and set new energy limits.

In essence, what is happening is identifying the personality, which creates anxiety and agony. Feelings of fear also develop as hidden dysfunctional patterns are activated.

Despite the fear of the Twin Flames, the male and female energy create circles of communication, and finally, the bond between them is stimulated, with manifestations of forgiveness, compassion, and love. The contact between them raises their level of consciousness.


To create opportunities for healing and emotional maturation of the twins.

Stage 4: Escape Tendencies

twin flame stages escape

The Ego is natural to be afraid of its disappearance from the divine, united consciousness that is codified in the union of Gemini.

The body’s pain reappears, and Ego survival mechanisms are activated. Emotional and mental blockages such as denial, resistance, manipulation, anger, punishment, and criticism emerge again.

Both twins are overflowing with deep emotional and mental pain from something that seems to be rejection and abandonment at the soul level.

This unbearable mental pain naturally leads one or both twins to withdraw and block communication from fear and futility. One or both twins might try unsuccessfully to recreate the original harmony.

The male energy – which has nothing to do with gender, gets scared from the dynamics of this relationship and unconsciously behaves strangely, brings out resistance, denial, and anger, and generally criticizes the female energy, which becomes obsessive as it feels great pain.

Thus this pain expels the male energy, which becomes a fugitive who blocks the communication and chooses other people to heal, gain experiences, and become stronger.


To lead both people to heal and maturation of their spiritual level.


The temptation to engage in Ego conflict or withdrawal is very attractive and is often difficult to resist. That is why some twin flames never reach the stages of Shine and Harmony.

Every soul learns a lot by moving on to its path and making choices based on free will. The unwritten thoughts of love that you make will be felt in the subconscious of your loved one and will be kept alive and strong.

Stage 5: Acceptance And Release

The outcome of the relationship is left in the hands of Divine protection, with complete confidence and faith.

It is generally accepted that what is good and the destination of every relationship in terms of natural harmony will be revealed in due course.

The duo who left the relationship is entitled to space and freedom, to be able to develop at their own pace and in their ways.

At this point, the frequency of compassion returns and becomes stronger. The twin who remains behind keeps a unique piece in his heart for his beloved while he wanders looking for enlightenment.

Maybe it is an opportunity for him to express his unfulfilled love through art, music, writing, poetry, teaching, contributing to action groups, or other creative activities.

Feminine energy renounces attachment and is left in the hands of God; the union is under the protection of the Angels, and at the appropriate, divine moment, the best possible will be achieved.

Thus, both can reach the “enlightenment-awareness” to accomplish the coveted balance at this stage.

The male energy is free to evolve, while the female one continues its work, leaving a space in her heart for return, without pressure or attachment. So the couple increasingly trusts its divine plan.


To help every soul in the liberation of its Ego, develop regular communication with God, and show complete trust in His will about what is right and when.

Stage 6: Self-Knowledge And Enlightenment


The Ego or otherwise, the lower self, dies, and in its place, a God-sent Power permeates the physical body. This leads to a complete spiritual awakening, transforming someone into fully awakened divinity.

This is the stage where Divine Love radiates despite the requested romantic love.

The twins fully accept each other at this level, and their mental, emotional, and physical bodies reach full maturity.

New creative moods and healing abilities awaken in them, but at the service of others. The little self dies, and the divine energy floods the physical body.

This gradually leads to awakening, and the couple transforms into a dynamic pillar of positive energy, and many start helping other people. They offer their services with an open heart and without fear anymore, trusting more and more in their healing abilities.


The installation of a flow of divine love outwards, vibrating through their body and work, raising humanity to a higher level.

Stage 7: Harmony

twin flame harmony couple

At this stage, both twins have awakened. They are together physically to work with their unified potential by assimilating their united energies.

In the Third Energy of selfless love, both of them are fully united in a way that influences others to open their hearts. This relationship now vibrates in the realm of selfless love, without attachments and selfish motives.

Their connection is mental and does not identify with external characteristics.

It is the contact with the soul, the recognition of consciousness, the activation and positive direction of the mind, as choices are made with wise discernment. 

Thus, you can recognize the stage you are in and calmly work for the union, which presupposes Self-Love. If we do not love ourselves, we will never receive love from our Twin Flame.


To fulfill the destiny of the Twin Flame union. The twin flame comes into your life to help you incorporate selfless love.

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