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Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

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Quick Into to the Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the third of the seven chakras of the Hindu tradition. This is located in the area of the diaphragm of our body, below the chest and above the navel.

The solar plexus chakra is also called the personal power chakra, the message it sends is “Radiate your personal power throughout the world”.

When this chakra expresses itself positively, the individual develops his personality fully, has a correct self-awareness, an ideal determination to set goals and achieves them with will power, perseverance and enthusiasm.

Positivity and a Healthy Sense of Self

This individual gets along well with the environment, is pious, humble and feels empathy for others. The individual has a strong personal identity, is self-confident, cultivates personal beliefs and opinions with conviction.

He also develops a solid self-discipline that allows him to make the right decisions and directs all his actions with total assertiveness.

The solar plexus chakra gives us courage and initiative to achieve goals.

achieving goals

Why Use Affirmations To Balance This Chakra?

The well-balanced solar plexus chakra ensures that we develop a strong personality to display all our personal power, being respectful and affectionate to others.

That is why we must work to balance this chakra, because in this way we will be able to reach all our goals. The way to achieve this is to use solar plexus chakra affirmations because these are specially designed to awaken the inner power that we all have.

The affirmations are established in our mind, change negative thought patterns into positive ones, make our beliefs play in our favor and program our mind for success.

Re-programming Our Minds

The affirmations help to balance the solar plexus chakra because they introduce in our mind a sacred truth: we have a personal power that is there to be manifested in our life.

These affirmations develop self-confidence, provide us with the necessary willpower to carry out our activities and achieve success in any context and circumstance.

This happens because affirmations have a great assertive power, we really achieve exactly what we want.

How To Use Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

The solar plexus chakra affirmations awaken our inner power to be used for our good and that of others.

These affirmations must be repeated every day. They can be repeated verbally or repeated mentally, it is just as effective, since thought also has a powerful energy.

Each repetition must be spoken or thought with strong conviction and we must be fully focused on what we are saying. Faith in oneself is also very important, since we are the creators of our reality.

When you are at home, choose a moment that you know nothing and no one will interrupt you.

Feel comfortable and start repeating each statement. Do it with a lot of commentary, and believe deeply in the effectiveness of these affirmations.

If you wish, you can wear comfortable yellow clothing, which is the color of the solar plexus string, while repeating the affirmations.

You can, if you wish, do the repetitions in the sunlight, in your garden for example, since this chakra is intimately linked to solar energy, due to its creative power.

In addition to repeating the affirmations in your home, you can also do it outside whenever you want. At any time of the day when you are calm, you can repeat these affirmations mentally, so that they become stronger inside you.

Sun solar chakra affirmations

The best time to use the solar plexus chakra affirmations

The task of repeating the solar plexus affirmations should be done during these two ideal moments so that they can be fixed in our mind: in the morning, as soon as we wake up, and at night, before going to sleep.

The affirmations that are repeated in the morning put us in a good mood, get us off to a good start in the day, predispose us to optimism and we are open to living the positive effects of the affirmations that we have just pronounced.

Using solar plexus chakra affirmations at night is as effective as using them in the morning. The precise moment is to do this task for a while before going to sleep.

The mind is highly receptive to all the beliefs that we want to introduce into it.

This assures us that the affirmations will be established as an absolute truth in our reality and very soon they will begin to manifest in our life.

The most important thing of all is that these affirmations will finally balance the solar plexus chakra, and we will be able to make use of our personal power immediately.

However, you can repeat the affirmations mentally at any time of the day, as long as you do it with faith, conviction and being very focused. Remember that you must be calm, without interruptions.

Start the day with affirmations

The following affirmations for the solar plexus chakra will awaken your inner power, strengthening your personality, giving the best of yourself in any context.

You should always be in a calm environment, well focused on what you are saying verbally or mentally, nothing should interrupt you.

35 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Repeat these affirmations in the morning upon waking, or at night before going to sleep. You can also repeat them during the day, if you wish.

  1. I am power.
  2. I have power within me.
  3. I manifest power wherever I go.
  4. I have the power to give good things.
  5. I have the power to communicate.
  6. I have the power to love.
  7. I can achieve my goals.
  8. I get everything I want.
  9. I can manifest.
  10. I deserve the best.
  11. I am respectful of my environment.
  12. I accept myself as I am.
  13. I’m happy all the time.
  14. My life flows happily.
  15. I plan all aspects of my life.
  16. I have everything I want.
  17. I communicate the truth.
  18. I empathize with everyone.
  19. I have the power to give and to receive.
  20. I use my power wisely.
  21. I use my power justly.
  22. I express all my power wherever I go
  23. I expand my power with love.
  24. I expand my power ethically.
  25. I am light.
  26. I love myself.
  27. I trust myself.
  28. I overcome all obstacles.
  29. I make the right decisions.
  30. Everything works out for me.
  31. I believe in my inner power.
  32. I am a creator.
  33. I create favorable circumstances.
  34. I build a better world.
  35. I do everything in good faith.

The power of affirmations

These affirmations are very powerful because they feed our minds with the beliefs that we ourselves choose, for our good and our happiness.

Affirmations are the best way to control the way we think, to use it according to our convenience. Affirmations shape reality according to our desire.

This happens because repeating an affirmation many times finally penetrates the subconscious, our behavior changes and what we want manifests in reality.

Affirmations to balance the solar plexus chakra are specifically effective in awakening and manifesting our personal power.

If this chakra is well balanced we will have enough confidence in ourselves to achieve all goals.

Our personal power will expand in a good way, giving the best of ourselves and being humble and respectful to others.

solar plexus chakra confidence boost from affirmation


The solar plexus chakra is the chakra of personal power. In order for it to express itself fully, it must be well balanced.

The third chakra strengthens the personality, builds self-confidence and helps you achieve all your goals. This chakra makes you expand all your inner power wisely, ethically and justly.

You are respectful of everyone and also respect the rules. You get along with everyone, you are pious and you develop empathy for others.

You have the deep conviction that you can achieve your goals, no matter what the circumstances. You have self-discipline and perseverance to carry out all your plans. Everything works out well for you, because you work for it.

The solar plexus chakra affirmations will strengthen your own identity, acquiring a powerful self-confidence and awakening your personal power forever.

You will be an ethical person, who values and respects others and all of society. You always handle yourself with the truth, because you are an honorable person.

You will be able to expand your personal power wherever you go, building a better world, for the benefit of the whole community.

The third chakra makes you aware of your personal power and invites you to manifest it in all its splendor.

Unfortunately many people have no idea of the power they hold within their spirit. That is why the affirmations are the best way to realize that we can create the reality we want to live, being in harmony with everyone and at peace with ourselves.

That’s why when you feel bad about yourself, remember that within you you have an infinite power that can make you manifest the life you want to live.

Success, achieving goals and being happy is possible. The third chakra reminds you of how valuable you are, so you can transform your reality according to your desires. you are and strengthen your whole identity.

In short, the third chakra reminds you of who you truly are, a being full of light and your own power.

Solar plexus chakra symbol.

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