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8 Ways To Awaken Your Third Eye

Have you heard of the third eye? Probably yes. This curious concept refers to the human ability to see beyond physical reality. That is, through intuition and in-depth knowledge.

But where does that idea come from, and how do you awaken your third eye?

third eye awaken how to

How to awaken your third eye

1. Start with the first chakra

Activating your third eye is not something you learn in an afternoon. It takes a lot of time and energy.

Besides, you cannot open the third eye (the sixth chakra) without the power built up in the first five chakras.

It’s like learning to jump without being able to stand on your feet first. Opening the third eye prematurely can even lead to psychosis.

In other words, if opening your third eye is the ultimate goal, then it is recommended to start with the root (the first chakra) and work your way up from there.

Once you’ve done that, you can begin activating the sixth chakra, but realize it takes time, so be patient and don’t try to take shortcuts.

2. Watch your breathing and let go of your thoughts

An excellent way to increase your knowledge of the world and your self-knowledge is to observe your body and breathing.

This is not about studying anatomy in a book, but instead focusing on your physical sensations.

For this, sit comfortably in a chair with your back straight and close your eyes.

Start by watching your breath. 

When you breathe in, the belly swells and welcomes air. When you exhale, the stomach deflates and accompanies the air towards the exit of a gentle natural contraction.

Breathe in this manner for three to four breath cycles. Make sure you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Watch your thoughts as you breathe. And when they arise, allow them to flow freely in you. After a while, you will get into a kind of rhythm.

3. Meditate

Meditation is the art of mastering your mind through the development of your awareness.

The subconscious is responsible for 95% of our thoughts, and our conscious for only 5%. 

So, it is vital to learn to know and master your mind to influence the direction you want to go positively.

During meditation, you seek to relax the mind by focusing your attention and awareness on inner calm. 

In this state, you allow yourself to stop the flow of thoughts and concerns and be at peace. 

The goal is not to pay attention to the ideas that arise but to look at them without identifying with them.

Through this practice, you improve your control over your subconscious. 

As you progress in meditation, the mind acquires more and more inner peace.

meditate to awaken third eye

4. Staring at the light

Staring at the sun at dawn or dusk is an effective way to activate your third eye.

This causes your body to produce extra melatonin at night when it is dark. 

Also, sunlight travels through the eyes to the hypothalamus, a part of the brain involved in all aspects of emotional, reproductive, endocrine, hormonal, and autonomic functions.

The pineal gland is activated via this part of the brain.

The same goes for gazing at candlelight. 

You can do this for five minutes every day.

5. Proper nutrition

The saying “A healthy mind only lives in a healthy body” has a valid character.

It’s nearly impossible to open your third eye if you eat junk food. Your food choices control your energy and your chakra alignment.

Eating purple foods like blueberries, blackberries, grapes, purple kale, eggplant, and purple cabbage will stimulate and balance your third eye.

6. Eliminate your dependence on your physical sight

This means that you close your eyes or find a place in complete darkness, free from electronic devices, screens, or other sources of light.

When you are in total darkness, the pineal gland, which is the first manifestation of the third eye, will be stimulated to produce melatonin.

Melatonin ensures that your brain is put in a state where you experience a greater consciousness that is not limited to the third dimension. 

That’s why melatonin plays such an essential role in sleep, which is actually an out-of-body experience.

7. Listen to your inner voice

If you are wondering how to open your third eye, the practice of awakening your intuition should not be something new and unknown for you.

In addition, at the moment of any problematic situation, it is useful to focus on the eyebrow chakra and send intimate questions there.

Watch out for the higher signs that may come in the form of fortune-telling, unexpected visions, or just the right book.

8. Picture the awakening of your third eye

With your eyes closed, picture the awakening of your third eye. Just like your physical eyes, imagine that it is closed.

Now, imagine that you are opening slowly, as if from sleep. If you have trouble with this, you can turn your eyes towards the third eye and keep them there.

It may feel like you are straining your eyes a little.

Focusing your eyes can help open your third eye and activate it. But this depends on personal preference.

So, what do you see or feel? Do you see images or any sensations? Things can be a bit blurry at first.

You might only see colors or patterns. Your feelings could be very vague or confusing. 

Observe what you see or feel without judgment.

open your third eye using bindi

What is the third eye?

The third eye is a mystical concept that is present in various cultures and traditions around the world.

It is so-called because it allows divination, prophecy, out-of-body experiences, imagination, recognition, visualization, dreams, and extrasensory perception.

That is why the third eye is most often associated with psychics.

In other words, to see beyond the standard view. 

That’s why clairvoyants, whose third eyes were open, were called seers. When you learn to live in the third dimension, you limit yourself to seeing the third dimension. 

We often see with our two physical eyes because we have closed our third eye. And to activate the third eye, you will need to reverse this process.

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    • Hey! It can be a gradual process that takes a long time. Just meditate regularly and you will have results, but don’t expect it to “pop” open. My experience is that it’s a long process and shouldn’t be rushed. Have a great day Muziwakhe

      – Jon


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